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Fractured Pelvis Lawyers

Pelvis Fractures

Pelvic fractures are one of the most common injuries associated with trauma or accidents making up nearly 10 % of all fractures. A pelvic fracture is also one of the most serious injuries often requiring several surgical procedures to correct and months of ongoing treatment and physical therapy.

The pelvis is composed of the ileum, the ischium and public bones all which are connected to form a ring which is attached to the sacrum. While a pelvis fracture can be caused by many different reasons, high impact force and trauma remain the most common causes, generally as a result of a motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, car accidents, pedestrian being hit by cars or major slip and falls accidents.

The pain associated with a pelvic fracture can be excruciating. Generally, the trauma that caused the pelvis fracture also causes severe injury to the surrounding muscles and tissues. It is critical that you seek the proper medical care if you have been involved in a serious accident. An orthopedic doctor with be able to determine whether a particular pelvis fracture is going to require surgical repair or not.