Massive Pileup In Fort Worth Leaves Several Dead and Injured

in Dallas

February 11, 2021.

Icy roads and unsafe following distances are the reasons being given for a massive car pileup on I-35W this morning.

According to early reports, at least 6 individuals lost their lives in the wreck, more than 65 have sought treatment for injuries, and 133 vehicles involved stretching more than half a mile.

Who Is Responsible For This Accident

With this many vehicles involved, there will be multiple parties who will be found at-fault. Video footage clearly shows vehicle after vehicle plowing into the cars and trucks in front of them.

While it is true that ice has made the road more treacherous, it is the responsibility of every driver to drive at a speed that allows them to safely navigate such conditions. Unlike poorly maintained roadways, the onus in icy road accidents is really on the drivers to operate their vehicle safely, or not operate their vehicle if they are unable to do so in a safe manner.

Commercial Truck Accident Victims

There are many victims in this accident. Perhaps the most significantly injured, are those who were in the direct line of some of the many semi-trucks involved in this wreck.

Publicly available video footage shows a FedEx truck fail to slow, and plow into the back of a line of cars – launching the truck into the air. Those injured by the FedEx truck in the I35W pileup certainly have a legal claim worth pursuing for their loss and injuries.

Other video shows a Coca-Cola truck involved in the I35W accident, as well as a J.B. Hunt truck.

I35W Accident and Injury Attorney

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