Volume 11 | Edition 1

Living Safer Magazine – Digital Edition

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As part of TorkLaw’s commitment to building safer communities, I’m pleased to share the latest issue of our Living Safer magazine.
This edition deals with how millennials, the current generation of young adults, are changing our world.
When many people talk about people born after 1984, they use terms like narcissistic, lazy, “snowflakes.” I respectfully disagree. I applaud the millennial generation’s focus on sustainability: not simply in terms of the environment, but in creating a workplace and a social culture that will sustain and support everyone, not just a select few. I find that the millennials at our firm are energetic and excited about opportunities to be a part of something greater than themselves.
I also appreciate and share the millennial demand for work-life balance; for workplace diversity; for increased efficiency through applied technology and better use of human capital; for creating a culture of coaching and community versus competition and criticism. This is how to build a sustainably healthy environment, both in our workplaces and in our overall society.
Perhaps due to a lack of balance, there has been a decline in law school enrollment over the past decade; although we did see an increase in 2018. Beyond the prohibitive cost of higher education, many view the legal profession as working long hours and making personal sacrifices to maintain what many see as a broken and corrupt system. And that is precisely why the legal profession needs the viewpoint that millennials can bring, now more than ever. We need young lawyers and support staff who are passionate about helping people, changing laws, and seeing justice done.
As a personal injury law firm, we share the passion for people and the value of seeing justice served. If you or a loved one has been harmed by the actions of another, TorkLaw is committed to doing everything we can to bring you justice and keeping you safe.
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Enjoy this issue, stay safe, and know that TorkLaw is always here if you need us.
– Reza Torkzadeh

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