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Jose Escobedo Killed In Rialto Semi-Truck Accident By West Slover Avenue and Willow Avenue

| San Bernardino

Jose Escobedo, 26, of Bloomington, Killed In Rialto Semi-Truck Accident Near West Slover Avenue and Willow Avenue

Jose Escobedo Killed In Rialto Semi-Truck Accident By West Slover Avenue and Willow Avenue

RIALTO, CALIFORNIA (January 24, 2022) – A 26-year-old man identified as Jose Escobedo was killed in a Rialto semi-truck accident by West Slover Avenue and Willow Avenue.

San Bernardino County officials are saying that the collision took place around 3:09 a.m. on January 20. A semi-truck making a left turn was involved in a collision with a Nissan driven by Jose Escobedo.

Firefighters and paramedics were called to the scene of the collision in order to help the victim. The Nissan driver became trapped and sustained serious injuries.

Workers were eventually able to extricate Jose Escobedo, but he later died due to the severe nature of his injuries.

The semi-truck driver remained at the scene and cooperated with police.

Liability For Rialto Semi-Truck Accidents

Left turns are among the most dangerous maneuvers that truck drivers can make. This is why many companies like UPS actively remove as many left turns as possible out of the routes their drivers take. For reference, around 22% of collisions at intersections involved a driver making a left turn. This compares to only around 1.2% for drivers making right turns. There are many reasons that semi-trucks can be particularly dangerous while turning.

  • Semi-trucks have large blind spots that can obscure the presence of smaller vehicles.
  • Semi-trucks have a wide turning radius which can increase the odds of a side-impact collision.
  • Semi-trucks have a high center of gravity which can cause passenger vehicles to underride them.

All semi-truck drivers will need to get a commercial license and are held to a high standard in terms of safety. Many collisions are due to truck drivers that make dangerous left turns. Pursuant to California Vehicle Code 21801, the driver of a vehicle intending to turn left or make a U-turn must first yield the right-of-way to any driver that is close enough to pose a hazard. If a truck driver makes an abrupt left turn in front of any driver, this could form the basis of a negligence claim.

When a semi-truck driver is negligent and causes an accident, the company that they worked for could be held at fault. Generally speaking, companies are liable for the wrongful actions of their employees – insofar as those employees were working within the course and scope of their job duties. For example, a truck driver may have been delivering goods when they crashed. There are a number of steps that should be taken after any semi-truck accident.

  • Eye witnesses should be interviewed.
  • Medical records should be preserved.
  • Surveillance footage should be sought.
  • The truck driver’s logbook should be reviewed.

The family of any person that is killed due to the negligence of a truck driver may have legal recourse through a wrongful death claim. Damages in a civil claim can help cover lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. However, it is common for truck companies to deny responsibility for the actions of their drivers. A truck accident attorney can examine all of the unique facts of your case and let you know what your legal options are.

Investigating A Rialto Semi-Truck Accident

We at TorkLaw extend our deepest condolences to the family of Jose Escobedo. Any person that may have more information about the crash should reach out to San Bernardino County CHP. There needs to be some accountability for the sake of the victim’s family.

Do you need more information about a Rialto semi-truck accident? Our team of consumer safety advocates are here to answer any questions that you may have. We are committed to helping accident victims understand their rights. Whether you just have legal questions or need a free, independent investigation into any collision we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (888) 441-4991. Se habla español.

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