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Learn about best practices when it comes to winning your personal injury case.  This guide discusses your options, and the top 10 things you must never do when dealing with a personal injury case.  Before you make any decisions, sign any papers or speak with an insurance adjuster, you must read this guide. ... read more >>

What are the most important decisions you will need to make after a serious accident or tragic loss?  What you need to know to get you through these difficult times. Typically, the choices you will need to make won't be easy ones, but they are necessary.  And making the right decisions will make all the difference.  Learn more through Critical Decisions and how you can protect yourself. ... read more >>

Federal Preemption provides one of the most controversial protections to corporations that manufacture and sell medical devices.  Essentially providing immunity from liability when a medical device has been approved by the FDA.  Arguably one of the most anti-consumer protections in the history of our country. Learn more by reading this guide. Please Note:  This guide is only available to TORKLAW clients. ... read more >>

Do you have a case?  What is your case worth? After a serious accident or tragic loss you must not guess about your legal rights or the value of your case. You must fully understand your options and make sure that the decisions you make are ones that you are fully informed and armed to make. Don't jeopardize by not knowing. You have the power to protect your rights and those of your family. ... read more >>

The most important decision you make after a serious accident or injury is picking the right law firm to represent you and your family. Find out why its important to hire a law firm with the track record, experience and knowledge to help you through these very difficult times. The right lawyer will make the difference between being fairly and properly compensated or not. Your relationship with that lawyer must be one based on trust ... read more >>

The Way To Get Through the Insurance Claims Machine
Navigating the insurance claims process after an accident can be a daunting task. In most situations, your interests are the opposite of the insurance companies.  Your goal is to be fairly compensated based on your injuries and damages. The insurance company's job is to make a profit. That means, their job is to pay you as little as possible, delay payment or deny payment in hopes of wearing you out so that you'll settle for ... read more >>

Inherently, the consumer is at a disadvantage when making a legitimate claim against an insurance company.  With their army of lawyers and billions of dollars all working towards paying you as little as possible so that the insurance company can increase their profits you cannot effectively represent yourself without having the tools, knowledge and information to do so. This guide discusses the ways insurance companies continue to take advantage of consumers everyday. ... read more >>

Sitting for your deposition can be a stressful experience. Whether you've done a deposition ten times or its your first time, it can be an intrusive, uncomfortable and unpleasant.  Part of the challenges facing Plaintiff's in personal injury cases is not being properly prepared. Not knowing what to expect, the pitfalls and strategies defense attorneys use to trip you up and not truly understanding the process of the deposition make it that much more difficult of an ... read more >>

Often times, the harsh reality is that the truth doesn't necessarily mean that justice will prevail.  In civil cases, the Plaintiff must prove every element of her case.  What happens if there were no witnesses, video recordings or smoking gun documents to prove negligence and recklessness? ... read more >>

One of the most devastating injuries one can suffer from is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The most common cause of a brain injury after an accident is a sudden jolt or blow to the head that causes bleeding in the brain.  It is not necessary to actually make impact with any structure and a brain injury can be caused by severe shaking. There are several levels of brain injury including mild, moderate and severe. ... read more >>