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Traffic Fatalities

Wrongful Death Cases That Come as a Result of a Traffic Accident.

Annually, there are some 50,000 motor vehicle accidents that result in fatalities.  Of these wrecks, a whopping 41 percent are DUI related. With these kinds of numbers, it is easy to see why the leading cause of death for Americans aged 3-33 since 2002 has been  injuries sustained in auto wrecks.

These disturbing statistics also  indicate that you or someone you know will most likely be injured in a car crash, but the chilling facts don’t end there.  Your loved one could succumb to their injuries and die, either at the scene or after lingering for some time in the hospital.

The most troubling aspect of these numbers however, is that the accident would have occurred due to driver negligence, in fact, 98% of car accidents  are caused by driver error on one or both of the motorist’s part.

Faulty car parts, dangerous road design, bad lighting, and hard to read hazard signs can also contribute to an accident and could be a likely culprit in a solo car wreck.

Why Determining Legal Liability is Important

After a fatal car accident, investigators will try to ascertain what transpired and why. This investigation will lead to the answers that surviving family members most likely have been waiting for. Should the investigation reveal that someone else was negligent, i.e., at fault for their loved ones demise, they could pursue wrongful death litigation against the guilty party.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death cases often involve a clear cut scenario that leads to the victim’s death.  For example, the case could center around distracted or intoxicated driver who was criminally negligent and is thus accountable for your family member’s death.  In the case of automotive failure due to faulty vehicle parts, a product liability case could be filed against the car manufacturer under a wrongful death heading.

Indeed, there are a number of situations that could fall under wrongful death. That is why those who have lost valued family members in a car accident should investigate the cause of the wreck.  If fault outside of the deceased  is determined, they could then look into the prospect of filing a wrongful death claim.

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