Individuals who have severe arthritis in their hip joints benefit from hip replacement surgery. In the best circumstances, an artificial hip joint can last for 20 years or longer. In the worst case scenario, problems with the artificial hip occur because of manufacturing or design defects, and patients must undergo a second surgery to remove the faulty implant. Such is the case with the DePuy Pinnacle Hip Implant.

Medical products giant Johnson & Johnson owns the company that makes the DePuy Hip Implant. The manufacturer has admitted that the DePuy Pinnacle prosthetic, which is a metal-on-metal implant, generates metallic debris as patients use the joint. These shards of metal can cause serious tissue damage and other injuries. The manufacturer estimates that the DePuy implant has a failure rate of 40 percent within the first five years after surgery. Many patients who receive the artificial DePuy Pinnacle hip joint show elevated levels of metal ions in their blood. These toxic metals can damage other organs in the body.

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