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UPDATE: 12/27/2013 – Johnson & Johnson $2.5 billion dollar settlement was announced last month.  Deadline to register your case is January 6, 2014.  Read more.

UPDATE:  03/08/2013 – In the first trial against Johnson & Johnson for their defective DePuy Hip Implants, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $8.3 million in damages.  This is a clear message to Johnson & Johnson that they will not be allowed to put profits over the safety of the consumer.  The jury awarded Loren “Bill” Kransky $338,136.00 in medical expenses and $8 million for pain and suffering.  There are over 10,300 outstanding lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson resulting in the defective DePuy Hip Implant.

Johnson & Johnson DePuy Hip Implant Recall & Lawsuits across the nation have been filed due to the defective DePuy Hip Impant that has failed in 40 percent of patients after five years.  As the first trial is set to begin in Los Angeles, California on January 25, 2013, newly released court documents indicate that Johnson & Johnson learned of problems with its DePuy ASR hip implants in 2008.  The recall was announced in 2010.

DePuy Hip Implant Lawsuit

DePuy Hip implants use a metal on metal component which causes grinding, erosion, migration and failure

There are currently over 10,000 DePuy ASR hip implant lawsuits pending across the United States.  It is estimated that there are nearly 37,000 patients with the defective DePuy hip implants.  In August of 2010, over 90,000 DePuy ASR hip implants were recalled worldwide.


The Torkzadeh Law Firm (TorkLaw)  is currently investigating and pursuing defective hip implant cases including the DePuy Hip Implant and recall on behalf of injured patients.  The latest release and unsealing of official documents by the court indicate that Johnson & Johnson had a wide range of information and extensive studies relating directly to the dangers of their DePuy Hip Implant, yet chose to continue selling the defective device.  TorkLaw encourages individuals who have suffered metallosis, early hip implant failure and other complications to contact our offices immediately for a free legal consultation (888) 845-9696.


TorkLaw is offering free information and legal consultations for those who have been impacted by the DePuy ASR Hip Implant.  Call today for more information (888) 845-9696.  Our attorneys are currently pursuing and investigating various cases of the defective DePuy ASR Hip Impant and the subsequent FDA recall

  • Instability in the hip socket resulting in major pain;
  • Metal particles and debris in the blood causing Metallosis;
  • Pseudo Tumors;
  • Allergic reaction to metal debris;
  • Pain in hip, groin, back, legs;
  • Audible sounds from the DuPuy ASR Hip Implant;
  • Instability in walking and balance;
  • Difficulties in participating in activities;

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