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Slip and Fall Accidents in Nashville: Premises Liability Cases Handled by Expert Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries for victims. In Nashville, slip and fall lawyers categorize these cases under the term premises liability. As part of the broader legal area of personal injury, slip and fall injuries fall under the same umbrella. Nashville personal injury lawyers are well-equipped to manage premises liability cases, including slip and fall accidents. The Nashville office of TorkLaw offers free case consultations for those injured in slip and fall incidents.

Understanding Premises Liability in Nashville

Slip and fall accidents are considered personal injury cases that fall under premises liability. The legal definition of premises includes a building or part of a building, along with its land. In slip and fall cases, the lawsuit is brought against the owner of the premises where the injury occurred. Anyone responsible for the situation at the time of the accident may be found liable in a slip and fall case.

Duty of Care and Proof of Notice in Tennessee

The person responsible for a property, building, and the surrounding land has a duty of care to maintain it. This duty of care extends to any person who may enter the premises. However, the duty of care rules only apply to those invited onto the premises, and unlawful entry cannot be covered under liability claims.

A person responsible for the defined premises can be found liable if injuries result from their negligence in maintaining those premises. They may be released from this liability if it is proven that the injured party was acting dangerously or carelessly while on the premises.

The duty of care also includes providing notice of obstructions or potential dangers that cannot be immediately resolved. Notifications may come in the form of signs, barriers, and other forms of marking off the area to alert people or keep them away from the hazard.

To prove liability in a slip and fall accident, the following must be present:

  1. The property owner had a duty of care to provide safety on the property, either contractually or implicitly.
  2. Negligence existed on the part of the owner or property management, resulting in dangerous conditions.
  3. These conditions persisted long enough that the owner or property manager should have been aware and taken measures against them.
  4. Injuries were sustained as a result of the dangerous or unsafe condition.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident in Nashville

If you or a loved one are a victim of a slip and fall accident, take the following steps to build a strong premises liability case:

  1. Seek medical treatment: Prioritize your health and have your injuries assessed by a medical professional, thoroughly documenting your medical records for court.
  2. Report the accident: Notify the responsible party where the slip and fall accident occurred and complete a written report. Request a copy of this report.
  3. Document everything: Collect contact information for potential witnesses, take photographs of the accident location and contributing conditions, and write a statement about the incident.
  4. Preserve evidence: Keep clothes and shoes worn during the accident in a safe place for potential discovery in the slip and fall claim.
  5. Avoid discussing the accident: Refrain from posting on social media or speaking to insurance companies and the responsible party until you have legal representation.

Consult a Nashville Slip and Fall Lawyer

When seeking legal action for injuries caused by a slip and fall accident, a Nashville slip and fall lawyer can help review your case. Experienced personal injury lawyers at TorkLaw handle premises liability cases and are well-versed in the relevant laws. Before talking to any insurance adjusters, consult with Nashville slip and fall lawyers at TorkLaw.

Tennessee Commercial General Liability Insurance

When a slip and fall lawyer brings a lawsuit against a manager or business, they target the insurance company for that manager or business. In Tennessee, premises liability falls under the commercial general liability policy that businesses are required to have. Many of these cases are settled before reaching the trial phase, as insurance companies often opt for a settlement when there is substantial proof that the accident resulted from their client’s negligence. Having legal representation ensures that the compensation offered by the insurance company adequately covers the injuries sustained.

How Legal Representation Benefits You

When you enlist a Nashville slip and fall lawyer to handle your personal injury claim arising from slip and fall accidents, these lawyers help you secure the compensation you deserve. TorkLaw has represented numerous slip and fall clients, securing settlements that aid in their recovery and alleviate concerns about the future. Our lawyers take care of all necessary paperwork for filing the claim and thoroughly investigate the claim using the information you provide.

When seeking representation for a slip and fall injury, call (615) 866-4800 for a free case consultation. Trust the experienced personal injury lawyers at TorkLaw’s Nashville office to navigate your premises liability case and fight for your rights.

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