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Dealing with Dog Bites in Tennessee: How Nashville Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help

Dog bites are a daily occurrence, with about 1 in 69 people having experienced a dog bite or attack, which can sometimes result in bites requiring medical attention or causing emotional distress. In such cases, working with Nashville dog bite lawyers can help you pursue compensation and manage your claim.

The increasing prevalence of dog bites means that no one is truly safe, as bites can happen at home, on the street, in parks, or in public spaces. Despite the rise in dog attacks, little has been done to reduce the number of dog bite victims.

Dog Bite Injuries and Complications

Dog bites often involve puncture wounds, but the force of a bite and the dog’s paws can also cause scratches, which carry a higher risk of infection. Bacterial complications from dog bites can affect muscles, nerve tissue, and skin, while untreated infections can progress into life-threatening sepsis. Additionally, the force of a bite may result in broken bones and nerve damage, which can sometimes persist for a lifetime.

Nashville Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog bite lawyers advise victims on how to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages, such as lost wages. They can also help you navigate insurance claims or litigation while seeking compensation. In Tennessee, dog owners have strict liability for their dog’s actions, with no “one-bite rule” allowing for a single attack.

Victims may also pursue a homeowner’s insurance claim if the bite occurred on the dog owner’s property. Many other factors could affect how a lawsuit or insurance claim is handled, so it’s important to discuss your options with a qualified attorney.

Assessing Damages in Dog Bite Cases

Attorneys help victims determine which damages to include when seeking compensation. Medical bills are usually a top priority, but victims may also need compensation for lost wages or pain and suffering, particularly in cases involving disfiguring or catastrophic injuries.

Animal Control Policies in Nashville

While Nashville dog bite lawyers may question what the government can do to reduce dog attack victims, most regulations address the aftermath of a bite. In Tennessee, any animal that bites a human must be quarantined for 10 days, primarily to assess the risk of rabies transmission.

Euthanasia is typically only considered if a dog has rabies, has attacked multiple people, or was raised for fighting. In other cases, the dog’s owner may face a hearing at the county level to determine the animal’s fate.

How Nashville Dog Bite Lawyers Support Victims

Recovering from a dog bite can take days or even months, depending on factors like bite severity, treatment speed, and wound care. Victims with severe bites may require occupational therapy, rehabilitation, or cosmetic surgery.

As a dog bite victim, you deserve to recover the cost of your medical bills and any associated damages. While you may be able to handle the claim independently if you’re familiar with the process, legal action often requires the support of an attorney. Nashville dog bite lawyers can help by collecting evidence, providing guidance, and conducting negotiations, ensuring your claim or case moves in the right direction.

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