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Injured man with vape after explosion

Exploding Vape Accident Attorney

Vaping has exploded onto the scene in recent years — and unfortunately, so has the exploding vape. What Is a "Vape"? Modern e-cigarettes (also known as vaporizers or vapes) were invented in 2003 and introduced to American markets in 2006. In the past decade, millions of smokers...

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Rover Dog Walking

Rover Dog Bite Accident Attorney

What Uber and Lyft are to ridesharing, Rover is to dog walking and pet sitting. Rover is a website and smartphone app that allows pet owners to connect with those in their area who provide pet care services. Rover was founded in Seattle in 2011, and...

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Car Accident in Parking lot

What To Do After A Car Accident In A Parking Lot

In a typical parking lot, cars, pedestrians, and shopping carts are moving in every direction. Drivers may be distracted by a variety of factors, including stressful errands, noisy children, or their own cell phones. It is estimated that around 20% of all reported vehicle accidents occur...

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Attorney by car accident in front of Hertz

Hertz Rental Car Accidents

If you rent cars in America, you may find yourself in one of many Hertz rental car accidents. In a previous piece on rental car accidents, we spoke at length about Enterprise Rent-A-Car accidents. Founded in 1918 (nearly half a century before Enterprise), The Hertz Corporation also...

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Good attorney and bad attorney comparison

What If My Attorney Isn’t Right for Me?

Legal clients deserve proper legal representation. How do you know you’re receiving it? What can you do if your attorney is causing you problems? Is Your Attorney Really Not Right? Lawsuits are complex. Despite your lawyer’s best efforts, much can go wrong with a case, and not...

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