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Person reading car insurance declaration page

How to Read A Car Insurance Declaration Page

The car insurance declaration page is arguably the most important part of your auto insurance policy, as it summarizes the coverage available to you. While important, insurance policies are confusing and intimidating to read. They are filled with unfamiliar legal and financial jargon, and are written...

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Man posting about his car accident on social media

Social Media Mistakes To Avoid After An Accident

Social media mistakes don't just damage your reputation - they could damage your ability to collect damages in your accident injury claim. Social media sites are popular ways for people of all ages to communicate and express themselves. Millions use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share highlights...

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Dangerous Candle Attorneys

Dangerous Candles Recalled

As consumer product liability attorneys, we have seen so many types of defective products, we are seldom surprised. However, even the most cautious consumer might not expect a glass jar candle to be dangerously defective. When you buy a candle, if you’re worried about anything at...

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UPS Accidents

UPS Accidents

Most United Parcel Service (UPS) drivers are safe, responsible drivers. UPS drivers are also rewarded for safety. Drivers who deliver for UPS for more than 25 years with no accidents are inducted into the company’s Circle of Honor. As of February 2017, there were over 9,300...

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The Different Types of Settlements

Different Types of Settlements

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you are seeking monetary damages for some harm that another party has caused you. These damages maybe awarded by a court judgment, although in practice most cases are concluded with a settlement before going to trial. When you file...

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