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Summer Camp: What If Your Child Is Injured?

Summer Camp: What If Your Child Is Injured?

37Summer camp is an American tradition, and it’s usually a win-win proposition. Kids get a week or two of summer fun: swimming, crafts, recreation and making new friends, and adults get a break from the kids.

Summer camp injuries

Unfortunately, your kids can get sick or be injured while they’re at summer camp. If an injury is serious, medical expenses can add up, and your child may miss out on weeks of summer fun or even be left with a permanent scar. A camp organizer or counselor may be liable for your child’s injuries, depending on the circumstances.

Virtually every summer camp requires parents to sign a release that allows the camp to get medical treatment for their child. Read the release carefully before you sign it. Of course you want your child to get the best medical care possible in an emergency, but in a nonemergency situation, you should have the option of coming to get your child from camp and taking him or her to a medical provider of your choice. The camp should notify you of any injury, so be sure to provide emergency contact information, and remember to answer your phone while your child is away at camp.

Camp staff should provide adequate supervision for children when they are playing sports, paddling canoes, swimming and engaging in other potentially hazardous activities. If your child is injured, talk to your child about the circumstances of the injury and where the adults were when the injury occurred.

Summer camp can be a memorable experience as your child makes lifelong friends and happy memories. If your child is injured at camp, the lawyers at TorkLaw can help you assess who may be liable for the injury.

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