traumatic brain injury

3 Things Nobody Tells You About Traumatic Brain Injury

Taking any kind of head trauma is an awful thing to go through. When it results in traumatic brain injury, it opens up a whole host of issues. Including things you never thought of, like these:

3. Navigating The World Might Become Insanely Difficult — Forever

traumatic brain injury


With certain forms of TBI, victims will experience a loss of “executive function” abilities. This means difficulties in being able to process information, stimuli, and make decisions based on them. It can also cause issues with concentration, attention, memory, and other basic brain functions we take for granted. Unfortunately, this is often irreversible. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, the things you used to be able to do like it was nothing, are now inordinately difficult. When you used to have a mind like a steel trap, now you can’t remember your own address. This can also be difficult emotionally, as victims try to cope with re-learning basic life tasks that used to be easy.

2. Dealing With The Effects Can Be Physically And Psychologically Exhausting



People living with TBI will find themselves absolutely exhausted and irritable all the time. Everything you used to do that was easy, is now hard. You’re frustrated because you forgot how to do basic things, you’re confused about everything, you’re re-learning basic tasks — it takes a lot out of you. On top of that, you’re depressed because you’re a shell of your former self and can see everyone doing things with ease that are hard for you. That can knock you down pretty hard.

1. Even After A “Milder” Form Of TB, Your Life Will Never Be The Same



There’s nothing easy about life with a traumatic brain injury. Even if you suffer a less-severe type, you’re going to have to deal with the lingering effects. You could be living with chronic pain, hearing loss or tinnitus, nausea, seizures, or depression. On top of that, it’s not cheap to treat TBI, so odds are you’ve got bills piling up and you’re not able to go to work like you used to, so paying them becomes tough.  Because of that one injury, your life may never be the same again.

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