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Injured man with vape after explosion

Exploding Vape Accident Attorney

Vaping has exploded onto the scene in recent years… but the vapes themselves are sometimes exploding all too literally, as well. These explosions been occurring for several years, but have attracted renewed attention lately due to the death of a man. So, what do we make...

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Rover Dog Walking

Rover Dog Bite Accident Attorney

What Uber and Lyft are to ridesharing, and Airbnb is to lodging, is to dog walking and pet sitting. Rover is a website which allows individuals in need of pet care services to connect with people in their area willing to provide that service. The...

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Attorney by car accident in front of Hertz

Rental Car Accidents with Hertz

In a previous piece, we spoke at length about Enterprise Rent-A-Car accidents. Enterprise is the largest rental car company in America, and the one with which you are mostly likely to do business if you rent a car. But Enterprise is not the only relevant rental...

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