police reports
Usually, police reports are one of the first things to get taken care of after most accidents. They're an important record of an accident, yet there's a lot people don't know about them. Knowing how to read a police report and what they're actually used for can make a huge difference in your case.5. It's Not Admissible As Evidence In a TrialAs counterintuitive as that sounds, they really aren't evidence. A police report is just what it sounds like, a report from the ... read more >>

passengers rights
The idea of passenger's rights is as misunderstood as it is important. When you ride in a car with another person, and an accident happens, you -- as a passenger -- have rights. Unfortunately, many of us have been lied to by television and the movies, and have some ideas about being a passenger that just aren't so. 5. Bringing A Lawsuit Means You're Suing Your FriendA lot of injured passengers are hesitant to even consult with ... read more >>

bicycle accident attorney
It's important to know that cyclists are using the same road as you. They do it because it's their right to do so, it's perfectly legal, and that's the safe place to do it. Drivers get frustrated with cyclists, but most of the time are completely unaware that they're the ones breaking the law. Below is a small collection of things you need to know about the rights of cyclists, collected by our bicycle injury lawyers.5. Passing Too ... read more >>

how to read a police report
Is it really important to know how to read a police report? In a manner of speaking -- yes, absolutely.The only catch is that you aren't >reading it for the reasons you think you are. A police report is a record of your accident, but is not admissible in court. People will often get worried that a police report showing them at fault is the end-all-be-all of their case. In reality, a judge or jury won't ... read more >>

car accident lawyer
After a car accident, most of your well-meaning friends will shower you with advice. A lot of what you hear might sound like it makes sense, but is nowhere near true.5. Whiplash Is A Fake ConditionWe have no idea how this got started, but whiplash is a very real condition. It happens when the sudden stop of an accident causes damage to parts of your neck, back, or upper torso. The effects of this type of injury are serious ... read more >>

social media on computer
We all love social media and it can be a lot of fun. On the other hand, we've all heard the stories of people getting themselves in massive trouble by posting the wrong thing at the wrong time. When it comes to the time after an accident, what you do and do not post online can end up being pretty crucial.  Don't kill your own case by making these easy mistakes. 5. Your Instagram Game Needs To Be ... read more >>

airbag deployed into crash dummy
Nobody expects to lose their hearing in a car accident. In fact, it's a thing people generally don't even know can happen. In reality, hearing loss from car accidents and airbags is frightfully common, and come with some pretty scary after-effects. 5. The Explosion In Your Face Can Give You Permanent 'Club Ear'[caption id="attachment_23657" align="alignnone" width="640"] Twitter[/caption]We all know that feeling of leaving a loud concert or nightclub with our ears ringing.  That ring is called tinnitus, ... read more >>

motorcycle driving between traffic
If there's anything that can get freeway drivers rilled up, it's lane splitting.Lane splitting happens when a motorcycle passes between slower cars in traffic. While the practice is legal in California, there remains confusion on the part of both motorcyclists and drivers as to the rules and practices.  On one side, motorcyclists stand by the practice as being safe and reducing the risk of rear end collisions. Drivers, on the other hand, feel it is unsafe as ... read more >>

frivolous lawsuit
It's interesting how often, in the practice of law, we hear the term 'frivolous lawsuit' thrown around. People are quick to use it to describe any variety of case, and often do so without hearing the details of the suit. Unfortunately, this can discourage others from pursuing their case, for fear of the label being applied to them.A frivolous lawsuit is one whose claim does not have much legal merit and is often filed out ... read more >>

traumatic brain injury
Taking any kind of head trauma is an awful thing to go through. When it results in traumatic brain injury, it opens up a whole host of issues. Including things you never thought of, like these:3. Navigating The World Might Become Insanely Difficult -- Forever[caption id="attachment_23600" align="alignnone" width="640"] Getty[/caption]With certain forms of TBI, victims will experience a loss of "executive function" abilities. This means difficulties in being able to process information, stimuli, and make decisions based on them. ... read more >>