When Los Angeles Boy Drowns, Questions Are Raised

Questions have been raised concerning a boy that drowned last week in Bel Air, an accident that some believe may have been stopped if fire officials had arrived in time. The same day of the drowning accident, Los Angeles fire department enforced its decision to downsize the number of engines, closing at least one engine servicing the Bel Air area that could have reached the drowning boy faster. When the drowning accident took place, the fire department did receive calls for help. At the time, the station’s two operating fire engines were out, having left only 94 minutes prior to the call. The engine that was now called to the accident arrived in more than 10 motes, a response time that evidently was not enough to save the young toddler’s life. Bill Ramsey, a retired paramedic, said his heart had been broken since the boy deserved more, according to reports. However, the local fire department reported that it was impossible to determine whether or not the now-disabled engine would have reached the boy in time.

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