QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Rules Of The Road?

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Are you an expert on the rules of the road? Do you know the law better than anyone else? Test your knowledge and see how well you fare against your friends and fellow drivers.
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1. Two cars come to a four-way stop at the same time. Who gets to go first?

  1. Car A goes first, because they are to the right of car B
  2. Both cars must wait for a third car to arrive
  3. The driver who is in less of a rush should wave the other car through
  4. Car B goes first because they are to the left
Lane splitting is legal in California

Photo by Chris Yarzab (https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisyarzab/30615213800)

2. Motorcycles may split lanes…

  1. Only during peak traffic times on major freeways
  2. At absolutely no time, as it is illegal
  3. At any time, at any speed
  4. When they are traveling less than 50 mph and no more than 15 mph faster than traffic

horse crossing

3. Horses crossing the street must be given the right-of-way when…

  1. They are ridden by a minor
  2. They have won more than three Grade I Stakes Races
  3. They are crossing at a designated Equestrian Crossing
  4. They cross sideways


4. A driver may make a U-Turn…

  1. Only from the left lane when right-of-way has been yielded to oncoming cars
  2. Only in daylight hours
  3. At no time
  4. When traffic is traveling less than 40 mph
Bicycle accident lawyers

Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

5. When making a right turn across a bike lane…

  1. Pass the cyclist on the left and turn across them
  2. Move behind the cyclist and pass on their right
  3. Remain behind the cyclist and yield right-of-way
  4. Honk. It is illegal for them to be in the roadway

Scroll down for the answers:

1. A
When both cars have arrived simultaneously, right-of-way goes to the car on the right. If you have no car to your right, and there is a car to your left — go.
2. D
Lane splitting is legal in California, so long as certain speed requirements are followed. Motorists must always remain aware of motorcycles on any road, not only freeways.
3. C
Designated equestrian crossings are the only places a horse may cross. If the horse crossing has won a Stakes Race, you need to stop driving on race tracks and stay on the road.
4. A
As long as the oncoming traffic is clear and the driver is beginning the U-turn from the left lane, all is well. Obviously this does not apply when a “No U-Turn” sign has been posted.
5. B
Yes, cyclists are allowed to ride in the right turn lane, and yes… they can go straight from the lane. The right turn lane is often an extension of the bike lane, and they ride in the center or left of it to prevent you from turning across their path. It’s basic safety.
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