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Pay Your Insurance, Find a Good Lawyer

Pay Your Insurance, Find a Good Lawyer

It was the end of the Memorial Day weekend, 18 years ago when I was driving to my office in the Silicon Valley. I was on Highway 10 headed to Los Angeles, when I stopped for a previous accident. I waited for the problem to be cleared or at least directed towards what to do otherwise, when a truck pulling two trailers collided with me a 7 other vehicles. It would have probably been fine if everything had stopped there, but instead I got out of my car only to watch the driver of the truck burn to death in his vehicle. Needless to say, besides my physical injuries, which were minor, I received a good case of post-traumatic stress disorder. My days were full of flashbacks and my night full of nightmares.

As much as I hated to do it, I knew I needed to recover my damages so I could get the help I needed. I hired an attorney to help me pursue my case. Fortunately, he was able to handle just about everything I wanted to do. He made sure I received good counseling and that everything was paid for. I was fortunate that I had someone good working for my side.

The net result was that I received what I thought was a fair settlement in the case. Nothing can replace the lost nights of sleep and, of course, the peace of mind that was taken away from me, but as much as is possible, my attorney’s efforts gave me at least some compensation for what I lost.

I consider myself fortunate, not only for the help that I received from my attorney, but also the fact that I was astute enough to keep my insurance up to date since other drivers weren’t that fortunate. From what I know, they lost practically everything.

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