The Casino Night event raised funds to support free & low-cost legal services for seniors and those living with disabilities

TorkLaw Supports Elder Law & Disability Rights Center Fundraiser

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TorkLaw was a proud sponsor of the Elder Law & Disability Rights Center’s Casino Night Fundraiser, held at Advanced Depositions on October 10, 2019!

The Elder Law & Disability Rights (ELDR) Center is an organization in Santa Ana, California that supports two of the largest-growing vulnerable populations in our society. Too often, those over the age of 65 and individuals with disabilities fall victim to gaps in our justice system. This non-profit provides free and low-cost legal services and education to these people, and to their families, to help support their ability to live independently and with dignity.

ELDR is also dedicated to ending homelessness in Orange County, California, and mitigating harm to this vulnerable population. They are working to create permanent solutions such as housing, emergency shelters, and transitional options to shelter people experiencing homelessness. They have also taken legal action to stop cities from perpetuating the cycle of homelessness by criminalizing unavoidable behavior (like sleeping or sitting) and seizing and destroying property.

TorkLaw is a proponent of the rights of the elderly and disabled, as well as those experiencing homelessness. Too often, these people don’t have the means to defend themselves against powerful entities who either ignore their existence, or take advantage of their vulnerability. TorkLaw is proud to join a wonderful organization like ELDR in advocating for these people.

We were also thrilled to support ELDR’s Ante Up Casino Night. It was a fun and exciting event that raised money for a great cause!

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