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Client Success Stories

Client success stories inspire us. Our attorneys are proud to help our clients, who are victims of traumatic personal injury or loss, recover from some of the worst times of their lives, and obtain financial awards and settlements to help them get back on track. Here are some client success stories that are examples of why we do what we do.


$1,250,000 for Motorcycle Crash Victim

In September 2017, a Los Angeles man in his early thirties was driving his motorcycle westbound on Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita, California. Suddenly, a car made a left turn directly in front of him, blocking his right of way. Unable to stop in time, he struck the car’s passenger side at almost full speed. Read full story >


From a $0 Offer to a $2.1 Million Verdict

A question personal injury lawyers frequently hear is, “Why should I hire a personal injury attorney? The person who hit me had insurance. If I deal with it myself, I don’t have to pay anyone else, and can keep my whole settlement.” We typically say, “We can get you more – even after you pay us.” The following case is a prime example. Read full story >