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    The American Burn Association reports that approximately 40000 people need hospitalization because of burn injuries annually in the United States. Burn injuries are severe and usually results in lifelong complications and treatments.

    Burn injuries can be caused by various products, accidents, malicious acts, and other reasons, and victims can be entitled to serious compensation. TorkLaw Seattle burn injury lawyers can help you or a loved one suffering because of a burn injury.

    What Can Cause a Burn Injury

    Burn injuries fall into the three following categories:

    • First-degree burns that are superficial injuries and involved the outer layer of the skin
    • Second-degree burns that go more in-depth and injure the first and the second layer of the skin
    • Third-degree burns that are very serious and damage and sometimes destroy the deeper layers of the skin

    The most common causes for burn injuries include:

    • Fire – flame burns
    • Hot liquids – scalding
    • Hot objects – contact burns
    • Sunburns – including the usage of sunbeds for tanning
    • Electrical burns
    • Flammable gasses

    What Are Some Symptoms of Burn Injuries

    Burns are classified as previously mentioned in three categories, depending on the extent of the injury caused to the skin layers. Therefore the symptoms vary depending on the degree of the damage.

    First-degree burns are generally superficial, and the symptoms include redness, pain in the damaged area, and redness. First-degree burns do not result in blistering usually. This type of damage is fast to heal, and the average amount of time needed is a week. First-degree burns will peel, and there will be mild changes to the skin tone in the damaged area. The most common causes of first degree burns are exposed to the Sun or UV rays, or a hot object.

    Second-degree burns go deeper into the skin and are more painful. The skin takes on a pinkish color, becomes moist, and softens. These types of burns cause blistering, and the recovery time is anywhere from two to six weeks. Scars might appear in the damaged area after healing. The most common causes of second-degree burns are extended exposure to UV rays and scalding liquids.

    Third-degree burns are the most serious and cause injury to the deepest layers of the skin. They can damage fat, nerve endings, muscles, and even bones. When someone receives a third-degree burn, their skin appears filmy white. There is no immediate pain associated with this type because the nerve endings have undergone damage. Recovering from a third-degree burn is a slow process and usually requires reconstructive surgery, especially if visible areas of the body have been damaged. This type of burn is usually caused by electricity, fire, and chemicals.

    What Are Some Complications Associated with Burn Injuries

    Some of the most common complications from burn injuries include:

    • Infections that in some cases can lead to sepsis
    • Loss of fluid (blood)
    • Low body temperature
    • Lung damage resulting in breathing difficulties
    • Scarring
    • Join and bone problems
    • Muscle, skin, and tendon problems that can limit mobility

    How Can Your Legal Team Help You

    If you have experienced a burn injury, you might be entitled to compensation. Suppose the burn injury results from a defective product, motor accident, or other factors involving third parties. In that case, TorkLaw can help you claim the right compensation for physical and emotional damages.

    There is no cap on compensation in personal injury lawsuits in Seattle and the entire state of Washington.

    Damages you can claim include:

    • Medical bills during treatment and recovery
    • Medical bills that incur in the future because of the injury
    • Rehabilitation bills
    • In-home care bills
    • Loss of current and future wages
    • Permanent injury or disability
    • Pain and suffering
    • Disfigurement (including scarring)
    • Property loss/damage

    In the unfortunate event of a death caused by burn injuries, the family of the victim can claim:

    • All medical bills
    • Funeral/burial costs
    • Loss of future wages and other benefits
    • Pain and suffering
    • Other

    If a workplace accident caused the injury, then the worker’s compensation program can compensate for the damages. At TorkLaw, we can help you navigate through the process, complete any relevant paperwork, and fight for you to receive the full compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

    Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Seattle

    Here at TorkLAw, we observe that the most common causes of burn injuries in Seattle include:

    • Work-related fires
    • Household fires
    • Motor accidents
    • Defective products (heaters, industrial equipment, etc.)
    • Fireworks
    • Kitchen burns

    Treatments for Burn Injuries

    Burn victims are transferred to burn units when the burns cover over 10% of their bodies or if the burns are in a sensitive area such as the face, feet, or the private area. The first medical care is pain relief and management, followed by removing damaged tissue, and finally, treatment to prevent possible infections. Skin grafts follow for patients that need to cover large areas of damaged tissue.

    Other treatments administered include:

    • Ultrasound mist therapy
    • IV fluids (including IV antibiotics)
    • Pain and anxiety help
    • Antibiotics to prevent infection
    • Topical creams
    • Wound dressing
    • Tetanus shot
    • Surgery (including plastic surgery)
    • Rehabilitation services (to gain mobility)

    Medical treatment for burn injuries can result in staggering bills. Our experienced team at TorkLaw wants you to focus on healing while taking care of the rest to get you the right compensation to cover your medical bills and any lost wages.

    Burn injuries can happen because of negligence while under the care of someone or on third party premises. Accidents can also result in burn injuries and can occur due to:

    • Reckless driving
    • Failure to maintain proper workplace standards
    • Defective products
    • Building fires
    • Scalding water and water pipes
    • Electrical errors
    • Recreational fires (hotels, nightclubs, etc.)

    Treating burn injuries can cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. When a third party is involved, their insurance company might be able to cover the expenses. However, it would help if you had a legal team you can trust since insurance companies carry out their investigation in an effort to minimize the fault of the third party.

    TorkLaw Seattle burn injury lawyers are here to help you through the process and fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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