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Today, I received an email about our first book review for Accidents Happen But Who’s Going to Pay the Bills? This was an excellent review by Michael Jones of BookReview.com, who put a practical tone to his review of the book.  I am extremely proud of Accidents Happen and am encouraged by the support and response that it has received so far.
Here are a few quotes from Michael’s review of Accidents Happen:

It is this type of pragmatic approach that makes ‘Accidents Happen’ a clear approach for anyone who wants to be responsibly informed in the area of personal injury law.
‘Accidents Happen’ is a clear and concise playbook, an extremely well-organized and accessible guide that will serve as an invaluable companion when faced with the realities if you ever need to enter the legal arena in a case of a civil matter.
Reza Torkzadeh and Allen P. Wilkinson, a pair of prominent and awarded California personal injury lawyers, have presented a comprehensive, organized, easy to access guide.

If you have been involved in an accident in California, click here to get your free copy of Accidents Happen. For all others, if you wish to purchase a copy of Accidents Happen you can do so at amazon.com.

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