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    The Burn Center at Detroit Medical Center is one of three dedicated burn centers in Michigan. When burns happen, you may need the help of Detroit burn injury lawyers to help pay medical bills and lost wages. The center handles more than just burn care and the facilitation of healing, including dressing changes, support groups, and education outreach.

    The Types of Burn Injuries

    A burn occurs when the human body undergoes an energy transfer. These can be caused by thermal, radiation, electrical, or chemical contact. Injuries can result from several different scenarios, including a product malfunction, mechanical failure, and even a vehicle accident.

    Thermal burns – Any burn that is caused by an external heat source that raises the temperature of the skin and the tissues that cause cell death or charring. Items such as hot metals, steam, scalding liquid, and flames can cause thermal burns to the skin.

    Radiation burns – Burns that are due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays like the sun or radiation sources like those used in Xrays or cancer treatment can cause burns.

    Chemical burns – Burns that are caused by strong acids, detergents, alkalies, and solvents that come into contact with the skin or the eyes.

    Electrical burns – Burns resulting from electrical current, either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).

    First-Degree Burns

    A first-degree burn causes minimal skin damage and may be referred to as “superficial burns.” First-degree burn symptoms include redness, pain, minor inflammation, and dry or peeling skin as the burn begins to heal.

    This burn only affects the top layer of skin and usually heal within seven to ten days without scarring. If the burn affects a large area of skin, more than three inches, and if it is on your face or a major joint, you should see a doctor.

    Many first-degree burns are treated at home, and the sooner the burn is treated, the more likely it is to heal quickly.

    Second-Degree Burns

    These burns are more severe because the damage to the skin extends beyond the first layer. Second-degree burns often blister, becoming extremely red and sore. Due to how delicate these types of wounds are, keeping the area clean and bandaging can prevent infection.

    These burns can take up to three weeks or more to heal, but often without scarring. Even without the scarring, the pigment of the skin can change. Depending on the severity of the blistering, skin grafting may be required to fix the damage.

    Third-Degree Burns

    Except for fourth-degree burns, third-degree burns are the most severe form of burns. The damage done by these burns extends through all skin levels. With the burn extending so deeply, it is possible that there may not be any pain associated due to the damage of the nerve endings.

    Depending on what caused the burn, it may appear waxy or white in color, charred, dark brown, raised or leathery in texture, or a lack of blisters may be present. If surgery is not used to correct the burn, severe scarring can occur. Third-degree burns should never be self-treated.

    Fourth-Degree Burns

    Not as commonly addressed as third-degree burns, a fourth-degree burn not only penetrates through the layers of skin but may also extend past the skin and fatty layers, affecting the bone and muscle beneath. These burns often have no pain associated due to the extensive damage of all the nerves.

    Do You Need Detroit Burn Injury Lawyers For Your Injury?

    Before you decide that hiring a lawyer is necessary for your burn injury, you need to consider how the burn happened. If the burn you sustained was caused by an act of carelessness (also referred to as negligence) of another person, you might be entitled to compensation. The negligence has to have caused you harm to qualify for a lawsuit.

    Economic Damages

    Economic damages are the damages that can be calculated, such as medical bills or lost wages. In a burn injury lawsuit, your lawyer will need to provide proof to the court that you should be compensated for these damages.

    If severe enough, burns can cause a person to be out of work for a period of time. There may also be burn or wound care that has to be done regularly to ensure healing, which can add up. Some burn patients even have to stay in burn wards or undergo skin grafts to have a shot at a decent quality of life.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Non-economic damages are not as calculable as economic ones. These damages are what a lawyer would pursue pain and suffering, impact on relationships, the way a disfigurement caused by the burn, and any mental anguish caused. The debilitation caused by a burn can cause long-term pain and change the way that victims see themselves, which can cause problems like depression.

    Punitive Damages

    A judge or jury often assigns punitive damages if the claim makes it to a jury trial. These damages are payments awarded to the victim in situations where the defendant’s actions warranted the extra punishment. Not all burn injury lawsuits will contain punitive damages.

    What Detroit Burn Injury Lawyers Should Do For You

    Most of the burn cases that our lawyers handle at TorkLaw are cases where another person’s negligence or utter lack of disregard resulted in severe burns sustained by a victim. Whether caused chemically, thermally, or any other way, the victims we help deserve the compensation they are awarded.

    Burn injuries are painful, and so can trying to get your life back on track after an accident. Don’t let those medical bills pile up when someone else should be held responsible. Our law firm is ready to provide you with a free consultation if you or a loved one has been personally affected by a burn injury. We can assess your case and begin the steps needed to get your bills and your lost wages taken care of. If you are in Detroit and believe that the lawyers at TorkLaw can assist you with your burn injury claim, call us at 888.845.9696 for your free consultation.

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