New Agency to Oversee Chemical Leak Cleanup in San Juan

After a dangerous chemical leak released a fuel addictive called MtBE into San Juan’s water supply, the state water board decided to oversee cleaning efforts, wresting control from the Orange Country Health Care Agency. The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board made their decision after the clean up project appeared to stall.  This would make the clean up more efficient and possibly go a bit faster.

Although Chevron has been a bit nonchalant about the issue, the fact remains that there are inherent hazards in leaving large amounts of MtBE untreated. The carcinogenic risks to the public are tremendous, especially when this chemical reaches the drinking supply.

Unfortunately, accidental chemical spills happen more often than not, in fact,  leaks may occur on a daily basis. This leaves a trusting public vulnerable to life threatening diseases and permanent injury. If you or a treasured loved one have suffered a personal injury due to a chemical spill, you may be able to receive financial damages. Contact us to learn more about your rights and get the money you need for medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

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