Teen Boy Viciously Attacked By Pit Bull in Englewood

16-year-old Tyrell Henry was viciously attacked by a pit bull when he got off the school bus this morning in the 5900 block of South Stewart Avenue in Englewood.  Neighbors of the boy got the attention of a nearby police sergeant and alerted him to the ongoing dog attack.  According to police, the Englewood District sergeant had already been dispatched to the area in response to a call regarding someone being attacked by a pit bull.

The sergeant jumped out of his police cruiser, shouted at the dog and then fired a shot in the air to get the dog to stop attacking Henry. The pit bull then charged the sergeant, who fired again killing the animal. “Thank God for that officer,” Henry told police. “That dog would have killed me.”

Henry suffered multiple puncture wounds to his right leg and foot as a result of the dog attack.  He received 19 stitches at St. Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center.

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