Los Angeles Fires Heat Up, Injuring Several So Far

The summer heat has most certainly been apparent in Los Angeles, as numerous wildfires have ensued within the past week. Beyond the resulting natural damage, these Los Angeles fires have also been the cause in several fire caused injuries.

On August 31st, a fire that blazed throughout Angeles National Forest entered into a prison camp uncontrollably, despite efforts from firefighters to do otherwise. Initially, inmates were escorted from the premises to a dining hall, where it was thought they would be safe from harm. However, it would eventually prove otherwise, and another place of shelter was required. In pursuit of shelter, firefighters Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones advanced down Mount Gleason to find an escape route, an action that unfortunately ended fatal for both courageous men. Covered by smoke from the flames, the condition of the already unsafe road was worsened, causing the truck to lose control and fall from the road. Both men, Hall and Quinones, died in the fall – trying to save the lives of others, something which clearly was much more than a job to them.

In La Canada Flintridge, the severity of fires warranted evacuations in one area,but not everyone followed orders to evacuate. One family, of the Big Tujunga neighborhood, thought the evacuation was an unnecessary precaution and remained within their home, against the requests of local authorities. As the fire worsened, the two residents sought shelter in what they believed to be an adequate form of protection – their hot tub. Unfortunately, the fire reached the two residents, leaving both with burn injuries. They were taken by airlift to a nearby hospital, where they will receive treatment for their injuries.

Also affected during the recent number of Los Angeles fires were another five individuals that did not take heed to warnings and orders for mandatory evacuation. Monday night, cries for help were received from the people who had been trapped, but firefighters have not been able to rescue them.

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