Body Found at Scene of Fire Deemed "Suspicious"

Firefighters in Anaheim discovered the body of a dead man after battling a 3-alarm fire.  What made the death suspicious was that the deceased male was located in a burnt out 2-door Nissan that was parked near the scene. The body was charred beyond recognition, puzzling officials since it was hard to ascertain of the individual was killed before or after the blaze.

It took three companies of firemen to put out the fire at Baron Quality Molds Inc., located at 1081 N. Shepard Street and La Palma Avenue. Firefighters, who were on the scene at about 8 PM on Monday night, burst through a roll-up door and found the car with the charred remains inside. Police reported that the man has not been identified and are currently investigating the incident.

The circumstances of the accident can leave surviving family members devastated and confused, especially if the death was caused by the fire.  A wrongful death suit could even be filed if the inferno started as a result of faulty wiring or Landlord negligence.   If you have lost a family member in a fire that was caused by criminal negligence, contact us for a free case assessment.  When a loved one is killed due to someone else’s carelessness, you have rights! Learn what they are by contacting a qualified wrongful death lawyer.

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