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Accidents that result in injuries happen in Sacramento every day. When someone else’s actions or inactions lead to injury, Sacramento personal injury lawyers can help victims get compensation. Personal injuries can occur in several different ways. Some happen in our homes when we use defective equipment. Others happen when we get involved in motor vehicle accidents as we move around the city. Still others occur when we walk on a wet floor at the mall and slip and fall.

No matter how you got injured, you may be able to claim compensation if the accident was someone else’s fault. Injuries don’t only cause pain and discomfort. They can result in substantial financial losses and contribute to poor mental health. To recover damages from the at-fault party, you’ll need to work with a lawyer and build a strong case. While money won’t change what happened, it can help you to get back on your feet.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Let’s look at some of the cases we take at TorkLaw. No matter how you were injured, we can help you to build a solid case.

Car Accidents

Hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur in California each year and they result in a variety of injuries. Victims suffer broken bones, head injuries, burns, soft tissue damage, and other types of physical harm. Some people recover quickly but others end up with long-term or permanent injuries. Car accidents can be due to speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving or failure to yield. If a driver crashed into you and you were hurt, you deserve compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents

California has gorgeous weather that makes it perfect for walking and jogging. However, with so many vehicles on the roadways and so many motorists driving recklessly, walking can be quite dangerous. Since pedestrians don’t have seatbelts, airbags or even helmets to protect them, they can be seriously injured when a vehicle strikes them.

Motorcycle Accidents

Many people also enjoy exploring the city on motorbike. With more than 800,000 registered motorcycles in the state, you may assume that other motorists know to look out for bikers. However, drivers often don’t show motorcyclists the respect they deserve. Sacramento personal injury lawyers often take cases from bikers who get struck by reckless or distracted drivers.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Personal injuries don’t always involve motor vehicles. Very often, people slip, fall, and injure themselves because of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property. Whether you slipped because of a wet floor, uneven pavement, loose carpet or another hazard, you may be entitled to compensation.

Product Liability Accidents

Some injuries occur because of defective products including food, industrial equipment, toys or medication. Products can be defective in their design or manufacture, or because of a failure to warn. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers and others in the supply chain can be held responsible when product defects cause injuries.

Wrongful Death

Any of the accidents mentioned above can result in injuries so severe that the injured person dies. Other situations like medical malpractice or violence can also lead to death. When this happens, the victim’s survivors can file a wrongful death claim so they can get appropriate compensation.

How Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers Establish Liability

Getting compensation for injuries sustained in any type of accident hinges on your ability to prove that another entity was negligent. This can be an individual, a company or even a government department. To prove negligence, you need to establish that:

  • The entity had a duty towards the victim. The party you’re blaming for your injuries or your loved one’s death must have had a legal duty. For example, drivers have a duty towards other road users to obey traffic laws. Property owners have a duty to maintain safe premises for tenants and invitees.
  • They breached that duty. In order for a personal injury claim to be valid, you must also show that the defendant didn’t show a reasonable level of care. A driver may run a red light or a property owner may neglect to fix a broken staircase.
  • That breach caused the accident. After you establish that the defendant had a duty towards you and that they breached that duty, you must also show that the breach completely or partially caused the accident. With the help of your attorney, you must also establish whether the entity could have foreseen the outcome of their negligence.
  • The accident led to your injuries. If you slipped and fell due to someone’s negligence but you weren’t injured, you wouldn’t have a case for compensation. You need to prove that you suffered physical injury and related losses.

Damages You May Be Entitled to Receive

If you can prove the four elements of a negligence claim, you can then seek compensation for losses you suffered. It is important to note that personal injury cases don’t necessarily result in massive paydays. You will have to submit proof of everything you’re claiming. Some of the things for which you can claim compensation are:

  • Property damage. If your property was damaged in the accident, you can get compensation for this. That property is most likely to be a vehicle that was involved in an accident. You’ll typically get fair market value.
  • Medical bills. These are usually the largest part of a personal injury claim. Hospitalization, surgery, medication, and medical equipment can all be very expensive. If your injury is expected to affect you in the long-term, you can also claim future medical expenses.
  • Lost wages. If your injuries are serious, you won’t be able to attend work. This means you won’t get paid. Fortunately, you can recover these losses from the entity that caused your injuries. In the case of long-term or permanent injuries that limit or eliminate your ability to work in the future, you can also be compensated for lost earning capacity.
  • Loss of consortium. Some accidents are so severe that they result in amputation, incontinence, paralysis or death. Naturally, these affect the victim’s relationship with their spouse and other close loved ones. Loved ones can claim damages for the loss of affection, comfort, sexual relations or companionship.

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