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Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc (Bulging Disc)

Herniated discs as a result of a car accident are a common spinal cord injury.

A disc is one of the rubbery cushions between spinal vertebrae, or the individual bones that make up your spine. A spinal disc has a soft, jelly-like center within a tough exterior. A herniated disk occurs when a tear occurs, and pushes some of the softer “jelly” out. This is sometimes called a slipped disc or a ruptured disc.

When someone has a herniated disc, it isn’t the disc itself that causes pain; it is the material leaking from inside the disc that pinches or irritates nearby nerves, resulting in pain, numbness, or weakness in an arm or leg.

A herniated disc is not visible with the naked eye and often cannot even be seen through an x-ray. Doctors usually diagnose a herniated disc with an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedure.

If you are suffering from a herniated disk because of a car accident, you should speak with an experienced attorney about your legal rights. Let our team work with you to seek the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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