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Medical and Insurance Liens in Personal Injury Cases

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When the time comes to settle your personal injury claim, it’s important for you to know what portion of the total amount of the settlement goes to you, and what goes to the lawyers and medical providers who may have liens on your settlement.

What are settlement liens?

While you were injured, you received medical care. Your doctors, hospitals and physical therapists may not have been paid yet. In addition, you may have received payments in the form of short-or long-term disability benefits while you were unable to work. The healthcare providers who cared for you, and the insurance company that paid your disability benefits can make a claim against your settlement – known as a settlement lien – for the services they provided or amounts they paid to you during your treatment and recovery. When they’re all added up, these claims can eat up a considerable amount of your settlement.

Your personal injury lawyer will keep track of the various parties who have claimed a lien against your settlement, and negotiate with those claimants to accept less than they’re owed, so there is more money for you. The lawyers at TorkLaw have extensive experience persuading lien holders to accept less for their liens so you can maximize the amount of your settlement.


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