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Awards and Recognition - The Torkzadeh Law Firm
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Awards, Accolades, Honors, and Recognitions

Recognized for Legal Excellence By The Most Prestigious Awards and Recognition Bodies in the Industry.

We are proud of the commitment and dedication our attorneys make to our clients. Each year, our team is recognized by the nation’s most notable and distinguished legal organizations for their excellence and contribution to the legal profession and the difference that they make in the lives of our clients and the people in our communities.

As a firm, we are constantly humbled by the kind recognition that we receive from other attorneys, firms, judges, and legal organizations around the country. Their recognition of the work that we do for our clients is highly valued by our team here at TorkLaw. However, the greatest and most meaningful recognition that we receive, are the “thank you’s” we receive from our clients every day for the personal attention we give to their cases and positive outcomes that we achieve for them every day. While most of this happens behind closed doors, our five star reputation on Yelp and other client review sites is a reflection of our clients’ satisfaction and appreciation.

Our Awards, Accolades, Honors and Recognitions