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Lead Poisoning


Lead poisoning can lead to many adverse health problems in both adults and children. Lead (Pb) is a metallic element that can be found all around us in various products such as toys, paint, water, jewelry, and other common products.

The effects of lead and lead poisoning on the human body can be devastating, ranging from vision, hearing and behavioral problems, to brain damage, kidney failure, nervous system malfunction and death.

In many ways, Americans are much safer from lead poisoning than they used to be. The United States banned lead-based paint for homes, furniture, and toys in 1978. Since most vehicles now use unleaded gasoline, deaths due to lead poisoning in the U.S., as well as the amount of lead in Americans’ blood streams, has diminished.

However, lead-based paint can still be found on old homes and furniture. Additionally, many countries still allow the manufacture of toys with lead, including China. Millions of these “made in China” toys are still sold in the U.S.

Children are the majority of those exposed to the hazards of lead and lead poisoning. If children put such a toy in their mouths, they may ingest the paint, which results in elevated lead levels in the blood. Children and adults may inhale lead-contaminated dust that may be found in old buildings. The CDC conducted a national survey which determined that the greatest source of lead exposure is through lead-based paint and contaminated dust. Even a tiny amount of lead can be dangerous to a child’s health.

Adults can be exposed to lead in the workplace, at home or anywhere they deal with lead-based products, such as home paint, jewelry, or batteries.

Additionally, as we have seen in Flint, Michigan, lead can also enter drinking water due to corrosion of lead pipes and other materials in the water distribution system, especially if it is old and has not been properly maintained. According to Scientific American, Flint is not even the most dangerous place in America in terms of lead exposure, either from paint, plumbing, or industrial waste. Thousands of places in the country are affected.

If you or a loved one has been exposed to lead as a result of a dangerous product, lead paint in your residence or workplace, or industrial waste, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to determine if the levels of lead in your blood stream are normal.

If you are suffering health problems due to elevated levels of lead in your blood, and this was caused by a negligent manufacturer, landlord, or a dangerous product, you may be entitled to compensation. Call today for a free consultation with an experienced attorney about your situation: 888.845.9696.

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