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Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisoning Lawyer

Lead poisoning can lead to many adverse health problems in both adults and children. Lead (Pb) is a metallic element that can be found all around us in various products such as toys, paint, water, jewelry and other commonly used products.

The effects of lead and lead poisoning on the human body can be devastating ranging from brain damage, kidney failure, nervous system malfunction and death to vision, hearing and behavioral problems.

While the majority of those exposed to lead continue to be children, adults can be exposed to lead just as easily at the workplace, home or through exposure to lead-based products such as contaminated dust, home paint or jewelry. Flaking or chipping interior home paint is one example of a common place where lead can be found.

Children continue to be the most at-risk group that may be exposed to the hazards of lead and lead poisoning. Toys that have lead paint are often ingested by children which results in elevated lead levels in the blood.All it takes is a tiny amount of lead-based paint or the inhalation of lead contaminated dust for it to be adverse to a child.

The US Center for Health and Human Services provided that since the lead in gasoline has declined, deaths as a result of lead poisoning have diminished as well as the decline of lead in blood levels. The CDC conducted a national survey which determined that the greatest source of lead exposure is through lead-based paint and contaminated dust.

If you or a loved one has been exposed to lead paint of lead contaminated products, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to determine if the levels of lead in your blood stream are normal. It is important to speak with an experienced California attorney about your particular situation. Call today for a free consultation: 888.845.9696.