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Bus Accidents – Who to Sue and Why

Who to Sue in a Bus Accident and Why

While many of us are aware and even consider car and motorcycle accident occupant safety, we rarely think about the numbers in regards to bus accidents and passenger safety. We should.  Studies indicate that the total number of bus accidents have climbed from 9,788 to 28,678 in a four year span ( 2003-2007).  That is a tremendous statistical leap—even car accident cycles do not grow that fast in a few years time.

The FTA (Federal Transit Authority) also indicated that total injuries of bus accidents in the same time period went from 10,998 to 16,388 with kids ranging from 11-14 being among the group most frequently injured.

42 percent of these accidents result from a collision with a car and over half result in severe head injury.

Bus Accident Victims Deserve Financial Compensation

Since bus passengers are not driving they are seldom responsible for their incurred injuries.  This means that in many cases, they deserve reparation for the damage done to their bodies as well as their lives.

The problem that can arise however is who to fault for the crash.  This can be tricky in some cases, especially if the lines are blurred after an investigation where a clear negligent driver cannot be proven.  Insurance companies will often use this fact to haggle and delay payment to the victims.

This of course is unacceptable since the injured will soon find themselves financially challenged as they struggle to pay the mounting medical costs associated with their tragedy.

Determining Liability

This is why it pays to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer as soon as you recognize the fact that the insurance company is not going to play fair.  When your life is unraveling delay tactics will only add insult to injury.

On the other hand, a reputable, seasoned bus accident attorney knows how to play hard ball and get the results you need to make the insurance companies sit up and take notice.

Utilizing their own forensic investigators and reconstructionists they will be able to sort out the details of the collision to see who the responsible party is.  In some cases you may find that both have a shared culpability, at which point you may be able to pursue dual defendants. This increases the likelihood of getting what you need to pay for accrued medical costs and lost wages.

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The bus accident lawyers at The Torkzadeh Law Firm understand the unique challenges that you and your family are facing after your wreck and will try their best to ensure that you and your loved ones receive a fair day in court.

They will also legally pursue the guilty party so they are held accountable for the careless actions that caused harm to you and your loved ones.

Whether it is the car or bus driver who is at fault, your and your family need financial compensation for your injuries ASAP.  TorkLaw will fight to make sure you receive comparable compensation in a reasonable amount of time and won’t give up until the job is done.

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