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Assault and Battery Injury Lawyers

Assault and/or Battery Injury Claim

Barroom brawls make for exciting scenes in movies. Stunt actors overturn tables, smash liquor bottles and break chairs over their opponents’ heads. During filming, when the director yells “cut!” the action stops. The actors get up, wipe away the fake blood and get ready to shoot their next scene.

In real life, a hit in a barroom brawl is a crime punishable by incarceration and a fine. Assault is also a tort — a legal wrong that can create a claim for damages in a civil lawsuit.

Real life assaults aren’t necessarily fist fights, and they don’t happen only in bars. Assault and battery can be a pinch on the rear end, a slap in the face, a shove against a wall or even a threat of serious physical violence. If someone intended to hurt you and you were afraid, you may have a legal claim for assault.

Insurance coverage

If you’ve been injured in an assault or battery, there may be insurance coverage to pay for your medical bills and other damages. If your attacker has homeowner’s insurance, you may have a claim under that policy. The property owner for the assault occurred may also be liable.

In a real barroom brawl, the owner of the bar can be held liable for your damages, so the owner may have insurance.  An experienced law firm will look into other potential defendants and causes of action:  inadequate security, inadequate supervision and training etc.

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