Charter Bus Accident Safety Law

On March 2nd, 2007, a charter bus carrying the Bluffton University baseball team through Atlanta, GA, crashed and toppled off an overpass, slamming into the highway wall killing six and injuring twenty-nine.

One of the six who died was sophomore David Betts of Bryan, Ohio, who’s father John Betts has launched a campaign to promote the Motorcoach Safety Act of 2007″ (S. 2326).  The proposed bill would require seat belts on charter buses and passenger buses that travel from state to state. In addition, the proposed legislation also would require changes designed to prevent passengers from being thrown out windows and strengthen bus roofs.

I certainly support this bill and hope to see it turned into law.  Charter bus accidents often result in serious injuries and in some instances can be fatal.  There is no doubt that we are in need of regulations and safety laws to protect those travelling through our states. 

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