Happy Thanksgiving 2011 – Safety Tips & Statistics

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  A time to get together with family and friends and celebrate all the things we have to be thankful for.  We  want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with a few tips to enjoy the long weekend with safety first.

  • No Drinking and Driving:  While many people will be hosting parties, it may seem easier just to have a few drinks and drive than it is to leave your car and call a cab or have a designated driver.  Plan ahead.  Should you have even a single drink, it is better to be prepared and have a plan before leaving the house.  Either designated a driver who won’t be drinking or make plans to have a cab take you to and from your destination.  Statistically, each year during the Thanksgiving weekend hundreds of people are killed in accidents and thousands are injured.
  • Seat Belts are a MUST:  Nearly 70% of all injuries and fatalities during the Thanksgiving weekend are caused by the injured party not wearing a seat belt.  If you will be travelling by car, whether driving or as a passenger, make sure to buckle up.
  • Expect Delays:  The Thanksgiving weekend, which starts on Wednesday for many will most likely be an extremely busy travel day.  Like most years, expect traffic jams and long delays at the airports and on the freeways.  You can anticipate this in advance and make your travel schedule accordingly.
  • Prevent Home Cooking Fires:  Every year during Thanksgiving, there are more than 4,000 reported home fires as a result of home  cooking.  That is more than double the average on any other single day throughout the year.  The best way to prevent a home fire is to make sure you have help in the kitchen.  Keep all wrappers, articles of clothing and other flammable materials away from stoves and ovens.   Use timers to keep track of the cooking and make sure that you pay attention to all candles that may be lit around the house.

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