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Lemon laws protect car buyers in the United States

Hyundai and Kia Fire Risk Defect

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Lemon laws protect car buyers in the United States. Vehicle owners have the right to expect that their cars are not defective and can be safely used for normal purposes. When a vehicle is found to have a defect, the owner has legal rights. Manufacturers can repair the defect, but they are limited both in time and the number of repair attempts they can make. A manufacturer’s right to repair can be further limited when the defect is highly dangerous (such as failing brakes). Recently, the issue of dangerous defects has caused a major recall of Hyundais and Kias across the country. These vehicles can catch on fire without warning.

A Major Recall

CNN reports that nearly half a million car owners in the U.S. have a dangerous Hyundai or Kia that can spontaneously catch fire – even if the vehicle is not running. Manufacturers have advised owners to park outside and away from buildings in case their vehicles do start a fire. The problem is the potential for a short circuit in the anti-lock braking control module due to contaminants in the units. The manufacturers have issued a recall that will allow owners to have their vehicles inspected for this problem. Dealers will replace fuses or anti-lock braking modules as needed.

The following models are affected by this recall:

  • Hyundai Santa Fe SUVs (model years 2016-2018)
  • Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUVs (model years 2017-2018)
  • Hyundai Santa Fe XL SUVs (model year 2019)
  • Hyundai Tucson SUVs (model years 2014-2015)
  • Kia K900 sedans (model years 2016-2018
  • Kia Sportage SUVs (model years 2014-2018)

Lemon Law Lawyers Near Me

Your Rights State and Federal Lemon Laws

Car buyers in the United States are protected by strong consumer protection laws. These “lemon laws” apply to vehicles that are sold with substantial defects. When a manufacturer issues a recall, it is acknowledging a substantial defect and voluntarily paying for the cost of repairs rather than facing lawsuits. Even if the manufacturer does not issue a recall, the buyer can still prove that their vehicle is defective.

So, what rights do owners have? Different state laws provide different remedies. In general, a manufacturer is given a limited time and number of repair attempts in which to correct the defect. If the problem persists after this time, the buyer has different options, depending on the state in which they reside. The buyer might simply return the vehicle for a full refund. The buyer might also request a replacement vehicle of equal or better value. A lemon owner can also choose to allow the manufacturer to continue trying to repair the vehicle. The options available to you can change depending on where you purchased or registered your vehicle, so be sure to consult with a lemon lawyer about your specific circumstances.

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Owners of defective vehicles have consumer protection rights under state and federal lemon laws. You have the right to get the defect repaired in a timely manner (especially if it is a dangerous defect). If the manufacturer is unable to repair the defect, you may be entitled to return the vehicle for a full refund and even get reimbursed for incidental expenses (like towing or registration fees) as well. You need a lawyer on your side to protect your legal rights against large automakers. If you have experienced a fire in a recalled Hyundai or Kia vehicle, the experienced lemon lawyers at TorkLaw can protect your legal rights. Call (888) 845-9696 or visit our website to schedule your free case evaluation as soon as possible.

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