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Insurance Help for Accident Victims

Simplifying The Complexity of the Modern Insurance System and Their Policies.

When you have been injured due to another person’s fault, the insurance company will assign one of its “adjusters” to handle the case. The adjuster will seek to settle the case for as little money as possible in as quickly as possible.

Insurance adjusters are trained to handle claims to their advantage.  While they might seem to be on your side and helpful, their ultimate goal is to settle your case for as little as they can get away with.  Once you settle you cannot come back and ask for further compensation.

The adjuster knows that his or her job security is based largely on the overall amount of all the cases he or she has settled throughout the year. Accordingly, the adjuster will want to settle your case for as little as possible as save the company money.

Dealing with Insurance Companies and Adjusters

Before you ever speak with an insurance company or one of their adjusters, you will want to read up on how to deal with an insurance company and insurance adjusters, and you will want to speak with an experienced accident attorney.

Some people have concerns about speaking to an attorney, due to a fear that it is going to cost them money, but the truth is, we are here to help. Consultations with our attorneys are entirely free. Simply call our toll free number 888.845.9696 to discuss the facts of your case. Our attorneys can offer specific advice about your accident and the best way for you to move forward with your case. If the attorney believes that retaining our firm’s services will be of benefit to you, they will tell you so on the phone. Of course, there is no obligation in retaining our services… It is entirely up to you as to how you would like to proceed.

Commonly Asked Insurance Questions

Insurance Success Stories – How an Attorney Helps

Hit-and-Run Accident
Our clients, the family of a cyclist killed after being hit by a car, retained our firm when the insurance company offered nothing. After taking on the case, we found a $1 million dollar policy. While nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, insult was not added to injury. The insurance company agreed to pay the $1 million dollar policy limit – a significant difference from the initial refusal to pay anything.

Pedestrian Accident
Our client, a 12-year-old girl was jaywalking across the street when hit by a car. The police incident report placed the girl at fault. The insurance company therefore, refused to pay anything. The parents retained our firm to help. We were able to obtain a $77,000 settlement for the girl. Without our help, they would have had nothing.

Legal Help in Dealing with Insurance Companies

The bottom line is that you cannot effectively represent yourself against an insurance company whose sole objective is to make a profit by saving every penny they can – even it if comes at your expense.

Don’t guess about the value of your case or let the insurance company and their army of lawyers take advantage of you.  Call an experienced personal injury attorney today about your case.

TorkLaw provides free legal consultations to injured victims and families seeking help and advice.  Call now 888.845.9696.