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Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Law is a broad umbrella label for cases involving people who are injured in an accident, whether from an automobile collision or a work related incident. In these cases, we often see that the injured victims find themselves in serious peril, both in terms of physical damage done to their body, property and their finances.

Personal Injury Civil Litigation

As so often happens, sudden debilitating and/or crippling injury can rack up a near insurmountable amount of medical bills.  The average American family lives paycheck to paycheck and has only acquired a modest amount of savings over the years.  After an accident, they may   find their life earnings  drained in no time at all.  Those who have been injured to the extent that they are unable to work may also discover a loss of wages that places them and their family in further economic jeopardy.

Thankfully, civil litigation is an option for individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Tort Law

Civil tort legislation was enacted for the purpose of enabling individuals to recover financial reparation in legal situations where another personal negligently caused damage to person or property. It served a dual purpose – to punish the guilty and to make sure victims received some kind of restitution for their incurred injuries or losses.

One infamous civil case involved former football pro, O.J. Simpson. While he was acquitted on murder charges, the Brown family was able to recoup millions in reparations for the death of their loved one. In the end, they were unable to receive justice in one court of law but obtained one form in another.

Civil Court Representation

When someone you love has been injured or fatally wounded, either via malice or negligence, you have the ability to take the perpetrator to court and receive financial compensation.  In cases of serious  injury, the money can help  pay medical bills and replenish lost wages.  In regards to wrongful death, the relatives of the deceased can file a claim to obtain reparation for their loss.  This money will pay for their funeral expenses as well as provide restitution for the deceased individuals earning potential, an important compensation aspect if the person was a head of household wage earner.

For this very reason, it pays to locate a qualified personal injury lawyer who understands the various ins and outs of civil tort law.  Not only can an expert personal injury or wrongful death attorney obtain the money you need to stave off potential financial devastation, they can become something of a personal advocate who fights diligently for your rights.

Finding the Right Lawyer for You

The right law firm will be one that specializes in the particulars of your case.  For instance, if you are going after a car  manufacturer for a defective auto part related collision, you would need to seek an attorney who has experience with product liability cases.  Some law firms have attorneys who specialize in several areas of civil law and can assist a number of accident victims.

The Torkzadeh Law Firm is just such a law firm.

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