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Animal Attack Lawyers

Whether Bitten by a Dog or Trampled by a Horse, Our Animal Attack Lawyers are Here to Help You.

Animal Attacks 101

The most common animal attack cases are Dog Bite Cases. If you have been bitten by a dog, please visit our dog bite lawsuit page.

In California and many other states, if you have been attacked or bitten by an animal, you are protected by a strict liability law which states that all pet owners are liable for the injuries caused by their animal.  Often times, dog bite cases involve children, but the reality is, anyone can be attacked by a dog.  Injuries can range from puncture wounds on the limbs to amputations, or mauling of the victims face.

Although animal attack cases revolve around California’s strict liability laws, finding a source to go after is the challenge.  A complete and thorough investigation should be done by an experienced animal attack lawyer who can identify the responsible partys and the sources of recovery.  A dog owners homeowner’s insurance policy or renter’s insurance policy may provide coverage.  A landlord or a caretaker may also be responsible in certain instances.

The most important decision you make, is to consult with an attorney who is experienced, that can explain to you the entire process.  You need more than ever before, a law firm that can fight for you and make sure that your rights are being protected.  If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog, call now for a free consultation.

We can send you to the right doctor’s to seek treatment including plastic surgeon’s who can evaluate the scars and any future medical costs as well as seek the maximum compensation available for your pain and suffering.  Don’t delay, call now for a free consultation.