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What to Expect from your Personal Injury Trial

You have been injured in a devastating motor vehicle accident and the insurance company is playing hardball.  Meanwhile, your life savings and economic future is at risk.  You decide to call a personal injury attorney but are not quite sure what to expect.  Well, needless to say, taking the legal steps to protect you and your family’s best is one of the smartest things you can do.  Insurance companies count on consumer ignorance and reticent to litigate to walk all over their policy holders.

When you show them you mean business, they are often times willing to at least take your injury claim a bit seriously.

The Settlement Offer

Contrary to what an insurance adjuster tells you, it may in the best interest of you to reach a reasonable settlement agreement.  An experienced personal injury lawyer would be able to tell you what a fair and reasonable settlement amount is.  That said, an injury victim shouldn’t accept just any offer laid in front of  them.  Often times insurance companies will attempt to toss out what seems to be a fair figure that will not, in the end, cover related medical expenses or any lost earnings accrued while you were recuperating.

If the insurance company fails to provide a fair settlement offer, your personal injury lawyer may advise you to take your case to court.

The Civil Court Experience

Once you have taken the steps to litigate, you may feel as if the wheels of justice are turning a bit slowly.  Hang in there.  A large portion of the process will involve filing of motions,  interviewing potential witnesses and talking with experts. This will all help in building the kind of solid personal injury case where the judge or jury finds in your favor.

Your personal injury attorney will also  spend a large portion of his or her time:

  • Obtaining depositions from said witnesses
  • Speaking with forensic experts in regards to the scientific aspects of your case
  • Ferreting out medical files and records that strengthen your case
  • Filing motions and complaints on your behalf

Complaints and Pleas

One of the biggest first steps of your personal injury case will be to file your initial complaint.  Your complaint will outline  the particulars of your case, what you are seeking in damages and why.  The defendant has to answer your complaint with a “plea” or response, within a specified time period.

Jury Selection and Trial

Many personal injury plaintiffs have the option to put the trial before a judge or in front of a jury of their peers when applicable. Once this aspect is settled, the case  goes to trial and both sides present their arguments. Unlike a criminal trial, the plaintiff only has to prove the case based on the preponderance of the evidence.  This means “more likely than not.”  Even so, the burden of proof lies with the complainant and their attorney.

Reliable Legal Representation Counts

The legal aspects of personal injury  law can be very complicated, which is why it pays to have the best legal team possible on your side.  It is important to hire a lawyer or law firm that has experience in personal injury law; rather than someone who has no experience in this area.

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A highly regarded and well-respected trial lawyer, author and speaker, Reza Torkzadeh is the founder and managing attorney of TorkLaw – a premier plaintiff’s personal injury law firm specializing in complex catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.

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