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Good attorney and bad attorney comparison

What If My Attorney Isn’t Right for Me?

If you are a client, you deserve proper legal representation. How do you know you’re receiving it? What can you do if your attorney is causing you problems? Is Your Attorney Really Not Right? Lawsuits are complex. Despite your lawyer’s best efforts, much can go wrong with...

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What Is a Contingency Fee and Why Does It Matter?

If you can’t afford a lawyer out-of-pocket, the courts are not necessarily closed to you. Contingency fee arrangements allows anyone to hire a knowledgeable, successful lawyer. Background of Contingency Fee Lawyers Why Do Lawyers Cost So Much? Market forces determine the salaries of all professionals, including lawyers. Attorney...

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New Study Reveals the Dark Side of Football

Football is an all-American pastime like no other, which has brought joy to generations of both players and spectators. But football is a risky sport as well, and we in the personal injury law field know that all too well. In recent years, brain injuries caused...

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Police Officer with Report

5 Things You Need To Know About Police Reports

Police reports are completed after car accidents that result in injury, major property damage, or death. They're important records, yet many people don't know much about them. 5. It's Not Admissible As Evidence In a Trial Police reports are meant to be a concise and objective summary of events, containing...

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