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5 Terrifying Realities Of Losing Your Hearing In A Car Accident

airbag deployed into crash dummy

Nobody expects to lose their hearing in a car accident. In fact, it’s a thing people generally don’t even know can happen. In reality, hearing loss from car accidents and airbags is frightfully common, and come with some pretty scary after-effects.


5. The Explosion In Your Face Can Give You Permanent ‘Club Ear’



We all know that feeling of leaving a loud concert or nightclub with our ears ringing.  That ring is called tinnitus, and is a symptom of actual damage to your ear. When an airbag deploys, it does so by using an explosion that rapidly inflates the bag. This noise is insanely loud, and can often cause permanent damage to your ear, bringing with it permanent tinnitus. The rest of your life will sound like that morning after a Stones concert.


4. You May Never Be Able To Keep Your Balance Again



The huge noise associated with the deployment of the airbags damages your inner ear, also called your cochlea. Part of the cochlea is a set of tubes called semicircular canals which control balance and equilibrium. Damaging your cochlea also means you’re damaging your semicircular canals, which has its own symptoms. Tinnitus is your cochlea being damaged, but vertigo comes from the semicircular canal damage. This means you could have a permanent “spinning” sensation, constant dizziness, and severe difficulties walking or moving. All from the deployment of airbags.

3. The Three Smallest Bones In Your Body Took An Epic Beating From Which They May Never Recover

Stapes Middle Ear Auditory Ossicles Inner Ear Cochlea

Your ear is home to the incus, malleus, and stapes. Also known as the middle ear ossicles. These are the smallest bones in your body, and act to transfer sound to the cochlea. A huge noise like an airbag deploying in front of your face, and the associated impact will do a number on these bones like you can’t imagine. If these bones are knocked loose, you’re looking at some pretty serious surgery to correct, or even replace them.

2. The Words “Beg Your Pardon”, “Excuse Me”, And “Can You Repeat That” Will Be Your New Mantra



Losing any amount of your hearing will affect the way you hear and understand people speaking to you. The type of hearing loss you get from these accidents can often result in major difficulties in hearing and understanding speech. You might hear voices as being muffled or even unintelligible. This has massive repercussions in almost every avenue of life. Imagine not being able to hear instructions at work, or public places. Try to imagine not being able to hear what your children or spouse is saying to you. Not only that, but think about having to spend your entire day asking everyone who speaks to you to please repeat themselves.

1. Treating This Is Not Cheap



How much you’re going to be in the hole for depends on a lot of factors. What is for certain, is that it’s expensive. Your insurance is not going to want to pay for all of this, because insurance companies don’t turn a profit by writing a lot of checks. You didn’t want to be in this accident, and you sure didn’t want to have an explosion in your face from a deploying airbag. Yet, here you are, trying to pay for everything. How is that fair?

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