The Goal of Personal Injury Litigation

Far too often when people hear about personal injury lawsuits they assume that the individual is only after money. An example would be the woman who sued McDonald’s for getting leg burns after placing hot coffee between them before peeling out of drive through. She won millions in a subsequent lawsuit although public opinion seemed to indicate that it was foolhardy for the elderly lady to put a hot cup of Joe between her legs in the first place. The truth is, that this elderly lady had severe 3rd degree burns, required multiple surgeries and will have permanent scars – all because a large corporation decided that they were not going to brew their coffee at the regulated temperatures. This large corporation acted as if the law did not apply to them.

The perception that America is a litigious society is what primarily drives the idea that all lawsuits in the personal injury arena are without merit. The reaction has been so knee jerk that it causes a bit of a stigma that makes those who wish to investigate their legal options in this regard a bit hesitant to do so.

Here is what the accident victims needs to consider when approaching the possibility of pursuing personal injury litigation.

  1. Civil tort legislation was enacted to give victims a voice and the ability to pursue wrongdoers in a realm outside of criminal court. It also gives them the chance to recoup financial restitution in a circumstance where they have lost money due to someone else’s willful negligence. When one thinks about it, this is extremely fair.  Why should someone shell out thousands of dollars in medical related costs and potentially lose their life savings and home because of another individuals thoughtless, criminal, or careless  actions?
  2. Personal injury lawsuits hold the guilty accountable for  the harm they caused to a person or their family.  In some of these cases, criminal law may not apply in regards to the incident itself. For instance a slip and fall accident may not necessarily land the responsible party in jail, but via a civil lawsuit, the individual or business would have to pay restitution for the victim they hurt.
  3. Personal injury lawsuits act as a deterrent as well. Even people who have no real regard for their fellow human beings may reconsider foolhardy actions if they know their wallet may be substantially it. Besides, if you have been seriously hurt, wouldn’t you desire to protect others so they wouldn’t meet your fate? If an individual or business puts you in harms way they could very well do the same to others. The next person may not be so lucky either and could lose their life.

Indeed, there are real and valid reasons why a person may chose to pursue a personal injury case in court.  When they elect to do so, they will require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer who understands their legal needs.

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