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5 Questions To Answer Before You Speak To An Accident Lawyer

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When you speak to your accident lawyer, your attorney will need some vital information before he or she can start on your case. Having this information handy during your initial consultation will make the process much easier.

5. What  happened, exactly (without the commentary)?

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At first, your lawyer wants a simple play-by-play of what happened and who was there. That’s it. You’ll get to give your opinion later, but it’s important to have a clear and concise account of the events.

4. Who, specifically, was involved and how can we contact them?

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Your attorney will want the names and contact information for your passengers, any witnesses or other parties involved: phone numbers, email addresses, anything that can put your lawyer in touch with them.

3. What were you doing when this happened?

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Your attorney will need to know where you were going and where you were coming from, to place the accident in a specific timeframe and provide insight to other factors. Whether you were driving to school or driving to work might affect your case differently. What exactly were you doing at the time of the accident? What was going on around you?

2. What damages, specifically, have you suffered?

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You need to describe your physical injuries with some degree of accuracy, as well as your “quality of life” damages. What are you no longer able to do that affects your life? Can you no longer engage in hobbies or leisure activities? Have you missed work, and if so, what is the value of your lost wages? Bring supporting documents with you, so your lawyer can create a fair and accurate plan for proceeding with your case.

1. What is it you hope to accomplish with this case?

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Ask yourself what justice would look like to you. Do you just want your medical bills covered? Do you need resources to compensate for the loss of your quality of life? Do you need property repairs or loss of potential income? If you have a clear idea of your desired outcome of your case, the easier it is for your lawyer to obtain that for you.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, your lawyer can walk you through the complicated process of finding compensation. Use our form to speak with an attorney about your case now.

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