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5 Myths About Motorcycles You Probably Still Believe

Why motorcycles get such a bad rap, we may never figure out.  Because of this bad rap, there’s a lot of myths out there about motorcycle riders. While some might think these are just harmless stereotypes, the truth is that these myths are getting people hurt, and often killed.

5. Motorcyclists Are Always At Fault

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We hear this again, and again, and again, and again. That the motorcycle must have been at fault, because they’re a motorcycle. This is simply not true. A study at the University of Southern California found that in motorcycle vs. car accidents, the car was at fault over two-thirds of the time.  In fact, the majority of the accidents was caused by cars violating the motorcycle’s right-of-way. Even more of the time, accidents are caused by failure of a motorist to detect the motorcyclist.

4. Lane Splitting Is Unsafe And Illegal

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One of the biggest anti-motorcycle complaints is the practice of lane splitting. Traveling between the cars when traffic is slower, seems to infuriate most motorists. While it might seem unsafe, it is actually the safest way to travel through slower traffic. Many drivers will complain that motorcycles that split lanes are being unsafe or reckless, but in reality, more accidents are caused by not splitting lanes.

3. You Shouldn’t Wear A Helmet Because ______.

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There’s any number of ways that sentence can be finished, and all of them are wrong. Helmets save lives, and that’s all there is to it. You might have heard “they don’t protect you at slow speeds” which is a lie. Or “they leave you brain damaged when you should have died,” which is also baloney. Then there’s “helmets break your neck easier,” which we don’t even know where to begin with what’s wrong with that. It comes down to numbers — helmets prevent head injury 62% of the time, and prevent death 40% of the time. Wear your helmet. Seriously.

2. A Loud Bike Will Save Lives Simply Because It’s Loud

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As the saying goes, “loud pipes save lives.” That saying, however, is really just a defense for having a really loud bike.  Studies have shown that louder bikes tend to encourage driver aggression. While it’s true a driver can hear a louder bike better, but that doesn’t mean it’s a pleasant noise to them. If you want your bike loud, have a loud bike. But don’t go calling it a safety measure.

1. Motorcycles Magically Appear Out Of Nowhere To “Dart Out” In Front Of You

Motorcyclists and cyclists both take a similar position when it comes to being hit by cars. They are against it. Since they know drivers aren’t looking out for them, they end up having to pick up that slack and be more careful around drivers. This is despite the fact that it’s supposed to be 50/50 — but whatever. A motorcycle does not simply “appear out of nowhere”, no matter what anecdotes you repeat from your friend who saw that thing that one time. A motorcycle will maintain a safe position and do everything to ensure visibility. It’s time drivers pick up their half of the deal.

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