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“Hot Coffee” – documentary

Hot coffee lawsuit

Everyone knows the McDonald’s Hot Coffee case – or at least everyone thinks they know about the case.  The truth is, most of America still doesn’t know what actually happened in the case, other than to mock the “greedy plaintiff,” the “greedy lawyer” and the epidemic of “frivolous lawsuits” clogging up our court system.  This documentary reveals the truth and also examines the realities of “tort reform” and its threat to our civil justice system.

The documentary is extraordinarily compelling and I ask all of you to watch it.  It is currently on HBO on Demand and will be replaying throughout the month as a part of HBO’s summer documentary series.

Hot Coffee has been selected for numerous film festivals, including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. It has also been awarded “Best Documentary” at the Seattle Film Festival and Tampa Gasparilla Film Festival. Watch the trailer using the following link: Hot Coffee Movie.

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