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Wall Street Journal Covers St. Jude Medical Lawsuits Over Defective Heart Device

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Today, the Wall Street Journal covered the litigation our firm has been involved in against St. Jude Medical for their defective heart devices. The article entitled “St. Jude Hit by New Suits, Cases Challenge Liability Protection Enjoyed by Device Makers” covers lawsuits filed today on behalf of thirty Plaintiffs represented by TorkLaw.

A version of the article appeared April 5, 2013, on page B4 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: St. Jude Hit by Suits.

TorkLaw is currently representing clients in over 16 states across the country against St. Jude Medical, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

A raft of lawsuits filed Thursday against St. Jude Medical Inc. over an implanted heart device could challenge the broad liability protection that medical-device makers have enjoyed since a key Supreme Court ruling in 2008.

The lawsuits, filed both in Los Angeles Superior Court and federal court in the Central District of California, claim that problems with the manufacturing and oversight of Riata defibrillator “leads” injured or killed more than 30 patients. Faulty leads, which connect the heart to defibrillators that zap irregular heart rhythms back to normal, caused the devices to fail or needlessly deliver blasts of electricity, the suits allege.

Below is the entire WSJ Article:

St. Jude Hit by Suits Cases Challenge Liability Protection Enjoyed by Device Makers 

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