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Defective Toyota Accelerator Pedals Causing Injury and Death

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Some 2.3 million Toyota vehicles have defective accelerator pedals that can either become struck or trapped under the floor mat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already fined Toyota $16.4 million for taking too long to notify the organization of the defective pedals. A spokesman for the NHTSA stated that federal law allowed a $6,000 penalty for each defective vehicle sold by Toyota. Toyota has agreed to pay $16.4 billion.

Despite the fine, Toyota did not issue a recall of U.S. cars with the problem, although it had informed dealers in other 31 European countries to make engineering changes to remedy the problem.  Toyota also continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Car manufacturers are required to start a recall of a defective vehicle within five days of discovering a defect in one of their vehicles. A class action suit of some 200 lawsuits against Toyota was estimated to result in damages against Toyota for about $3 billion if the owners won.

If you or a loved one have a Toyota with an accelerator problem, immediately take it to your Toyota dealer to fix the problem. If you have already had a problem with a sticky accelerator or a mat that covered the accelerator pedal and suffered injury as a result – or had a loved one killed – contact us today for a free consultation (888) 845-9696.

Toyota Models with Known Accelerator Defects

  • RAV4


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Any time a product does not work the way its supposed to and results in an injury, the law may provide protections to you for compensation for injuries or losses suffered as a result.  This area of the law is commonly known as product liability. The Toyota Accelerator problem would fall into this category.  It is important that if you or a loved one have been injured by a defective Toyota Accelerator, that you immediately contact an experienced law firm that can conduct and independent investigation, preserve critical evidence and begin working towards finding answers to the cause of a crash.  Call now for a free consultation, no obligation.

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