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    Atlanta product liability lawyers represent people who have been injured by dangerous or defective products. These cases may be handled as an individual case or as a class action. It depends on the facts of the case and how many other people have been injured by the same product. These cases almost always involve a lawsuit against a manufacturer or distributor of a dangerous product. Your attorney will pursue all of the necessary parties to get you damages for your injuries.

    Atlanta Product Liability Lawyers Handle All Types of Cases

    Atlanta product liability lawyers represent clients in a variety of cases. All of these cases involve a victim who was injured as a result of a defective or dangerous product. In cases such as this, the manufacturer, designer, or distributor of the product may be found liable for your injuries.

    There are three (3) main types of product liability cases in Georgia. These include:

    • Design defects – These are cases involving a product that is so inherently dangerous; there is no way to make it safe. For example, a child’s toy that involves a knife or sharp objects could be a defective design case.
    • Manufacturing defects – This involves products that, had they been made properly, would have been safe. But something went wrong in the manufacturing process that made it unsafe. This could involve a lawnmower where the blades were not installed properly.
    • Failure to warn or insufficient warning cases – Many of these cases involve children’s toys. For example, if a company doesn’t warn that a toy is not safe for children under a certain age, it could be a product liability issue.

    Atlanta Product Liability Lawyers Costs

    If you decide to retain an experienced attorney at TorkLaw, you will not pay anything upfront. Atlanta product liability lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay until you win or settle your case. When you retain your lawyer, you’ll sign something called a contingency agreement. This document will outline how your fees will be paid. It will also state what percentage of your award or settlement your attorney will be entitled to. This amount typically ranges from 20-45%, depending on the nature of your case. It will also depend on whether your case settles or goes to trial. Your attorney will also use your settlement proceeds to cover any expenses related to your case. This can include things like expert witnesses and depositions.

    Potential Outcomes of Atlanta Product Liability Cases

    Product liability cases either settle out of court or go to trial. More than 95% of all product liability cases will settle without the need for litigation. This is because, for most clients, settling is the best option. The possible outcomes for your product liability case in Atlanta include the following:

    • Settle without the need for legal action – There is a chance that the defendant or their insurance company will want to settle before you need to file suit. Typically, once an insurance adjustor realizes you have retained an attorney, they will be more willing to pay or settle your claim.
    • Settle after filing your complaint – If your case doesn’t settle early on, then your attorney will file suit on your behalf. Once a suit is filed, there is still a good chance that your case will settle. Atlanta product liability lawyers try to negotiate a settlement with the defendant’s lawyer up until the point of a trial.
    • Your case may go to trial – Although it is rare, there is always the chance that your case could go to trial. If this is the case, a judge or jury will decide whether the defendant is liable. If they rule in your favor, you will be granted judgment against the defendant. You will then have to pursue your judgment and go after the defendant’s assets to get paid.

    Atlanta product liability lawyers work their hardest to settle their clients’ cases. Trials are time-consuming and expensive. It is in everyone’s best interest to try to negotiate an out of court settlement if at all possible.

    The Initial Consultation

    In order for Atlanta product liability lawyers to determine if they can handle your claim, they will need to meet with you and review your case. You will want to prepare for your first meeting with your attorney. This will give your lawyer the best opportunity to review your case and decide how to proceed. One valuable resource you can use to do this is a book entitled, Accidents Happen: A Consumer’s Guide to the Personal Injury and Wrongful Death System. This book was written by Reza Torkzadeh, Esq. And Allen P. Wilkinson, Esq. of TorkLaw.

    It is important that you bring any information related to your case with you to your initial consultation. You want to give your attorney as much documentation as possible. This way, they can fairly evaluate your case and let you know if they’re able to represent you in your Atlanta product liability lawsuit.

    Atlanta Product Liability Lawyers Will Demand Compensation for Their Clients

    Product liability cases involve the same types of damages as most other personal injury cases in Georgia. Atlanta product liability lawyers have experience dealing with defective product cases. They know the insurance companies that product manufacturers use. They know how to negotiate a settlement of your claim. Some of the damages your attorney may demand to include the following:

    • Medical bills and future medical bills
    • Lost wages and lost future earnings
    • Property damage
    • Emotional distress
    • Pain and suffering
    • Punitive damages

    Keep in mind – not all cases will involve pain and suffering. Neither will they all call for punitive damages. It depends on the seriousness of your injuries. It also depends on whether the defendant acted negligently or recklessly. The good news is that, in Georgia, there’s no limit on how much of either of these damages you can demand in your complaint.

    Your Atlanta Product Liability Lawyers

    If you or your child are injured by a dangerous product, you need help. Atlanta product liability lawyers have experience dealing with these sorts of cases. When a company manufactures and sells a product to a consumer, they need to make sure it’s safe. If they are negligent when it comes to designing their product, they need to be held accountable. Your attorney can make sure this happens. In order to do that, you’ll need to schedule your free initial consultation.

    During your first meeting, you can ask your Atlanta product liability lawyer any questions you may have. They’ll also have a few questions of their own. They’ll need to know what sort of evidence they’ll have to prove your case. They also need to know which parties they need to sue. The consultation is free, and you won’t have to pay a dime until you settle your case. You can bet the defendant will have an entire team of lawyers working for them. You need to have someone there working for you too.

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