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    Every year, close to 500,000 people suffer some sort of burn injury in the U.S. A lot of these are due to house fires. However, that isn’t the only way you can suffer a serious burn. The problem is that these injuries tend to be more painful than almost any other type of injury. And, sadly, there isn’t a whole lot your doctor can do to treat your burns. For some patients, all they can do is let time heal. That’s why the Atlanta burn injury lawyers at TorkLaw work so hard to get our clients justice.

    If someone else is responsible for your injuries, they should be held responsible. Normally, this means that your lawyer will need to prove negligence. In some cases, this isn’t that difficult. For example, if someone was drunk driving, it isn’t going to be hard to show that they were at fault. In other cases, it’s a bit more difficult. The only way to know for sure is to talk to one of our lawyers as soon as possible. All you have to do is call and schedule your free initial consultation.

    What are the Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Atlanta?

    A lot of people assume that all burn victims were involved in a house fire. However, there are all sorts of things that can cause our clients injuries. Some of these include the following:

    • Car accidents
    • House and electrical fires
    • Chemical spills and explosions
    • Workplace accidents
    • Gas and oil accidents
    • Child burns such as scalding or an incident at their daycare or school

    It doesn’t matter what type of accident you’re in. If you suffer serious burns, the Atlanta burn injury lawyers at TorkLaw will fight to get you the damages you deserve. They will try to negotiate a settlement of your claim with the defendant’s insurance company. This way, you don’t have to worry about going to trial. Trials aren’t good for anybody. They are expensive and time-consuming.

    Your Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyer at TorkLaw Needs to Prove Negligence

    In order to collect damages, your Atlanta burn injury lawyer is going to have to prove negligence. This requires four (4) things. First, they need to show that the defendant owed you a duty of care. This isn’t normally that hard to prove. For example, all motorists owe a duty of care toward other people on the road. At a minimum, they need to follow all traffic laws. The second thing they need to prove is that the defendant breached this duty. That is the hard part. You need to show that the defendant did something wrong. Or prove that they didn’t act the way any other reasonable person would have acted. Third, your Atlanta burn injury lawyer must demonstrate that you were injured. They can do this with your medical records. Finally, you need to show that your injuries were actually caused by the defendant’s breach. If you can show these four things, you will have a good chance of collecting damages.

    Some Burns Are More Serious Than Others – It Depends on Degree

    Most people know that you can suffer different types of burns. You may touch a hot stove and suffer a mild burn. Or you get into the bath when the water’s too hot. This isn’t the kind of burn our Atlanta burn injury lawyers handle. Our clients tend to suffer third- and fourth-degree burns. These are the burns that penetrate your muscles. They can take months or longer to heal. Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot your doctor can do to help. It may just be a matter of time.

    For people who suffer really serious burns, there’s a good chance they can demand pain and suffering. These are damages meant to compensate you for mental and physical anguish. They may make up the lion’s share of your claim.

    Your Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyer Will Demand Damages

    If you or your child suffer serious burn injuries in any sort of accident, we may be able to get you compensation. Since every case is different, there’s no way to know for sure what your case may be worth. We need to sit down with you and review your case. However, most of our Atlanta burn injury lawyers at TorkLaw will demand the following types of damages:

    • Medical bills
    • Future medical bills
    • Pain and suffering
    • Lost wages
    • Lost future income
    • Permanent disability

    Of course, until we review your information, there’s no way to know if you even have a claim for damages. It depends on a few things. First, our Atlanta burn injury lawyer needs to prove that the defendant was negligent. They also need to demonstrate that you suffered an actual loss. If they can do both of these things, there’s a good chance that you’ll be entitled to damages.

    Call to Schedule Your Free Consultation with One of TorkLaw’s Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyers

    If you or your loved one suffer any sort of burn injury, call our office right away. Let one of our Atlanta burn injury lawyers help you get justice. The TorkLaw team has decades of combined experience handling cases like yours. Just make sure you’re prepared for your first meeting. You should try to bring the following information with you to your free, initial consultation:

    • Copies of any correspondence between you and the insurance company
    • Letters and emails you have received from the defendant or their lawyer
    • A picture of your injuries
    • A copy of your medical records
    • Proof of any lost wages or income
    • Proof of what you have paid out of pocket for your medical treatment

    If you aren’t able to come into the office in-person, that’s okay. Our Atlanta burn injury lawyers at TorkLaw can arrange to meet with you by phone or online. You can always send this information to our office after we meet. The goal is to give your attorney ample time to prepare your case. This way, you have the best possible chance to collect the compensation you deserve.

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